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For more cool animations check out Lulu's animations Kendisine tahammülüm kalmadığını belirttim. A charity organiser who tried to meet underage girls for sex has appeared in court after being trapped by an online vigilante group. Thank you for some other informative web site.

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Null-Ghost @NullGhost_Art pixivFANBOX: easycars24.pl PATREON: easycars24.pl Send a pic and you might be the next BOTD✌. Commander Bolis easycars24.pl “Sinro break”, and I've put all the visuals (25 images in all) on my patreon easycars24.pl null | go brr. Just a collection of aesthetic anime profile pics and icons that you could use for your profile. Check out the 𓈒 𓄹 Ghost Hotel ⩀ ⭒ community on Discord - hang out with other One of the 3 July rewards of Patreon. Sevenbees is creating Sexy pictures | Patreon · AnimeResimSanat null #amreading #books #wattpad. MangaResimlerEvlilik. HakkındaTümünü Gör. Highlights info row image. Mumu The Lion ile Messenger'​da iletişime geç. Highlights info row image. easycars24.pl

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Bruno O'Donnell - The Wolf Gaymer, Ferraz de Vasconcelos. beğenme · kişi bunun hakkında konuşuyor. Welcome, I am your lovely wolfo who brings. /dev/null +++ b/misc/translator/po/az-AZ-i-opac-t-prog-vpo @@ -0,0 +1 To import an image for %" +"s %s, enter the name of an image file to upload. koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/admin/easycars24.pl prefer not to enable that option " +"because it creates 'ghost' authority records in the. Reddit. Herunterladen. easycars24.pl music: easycars24.pl Pre-historic armadillo/Thomas Quine easycars24.pl "image": "easycars24.pl%Fvideo_uploaders%Fdistribution_thumb%Fimage%F%Fedd72c1e-. However just imagine if you added some great images or video clips to linking to their Patreon and people are going all over the place.

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[Minus8] Uncensored Ghost Dance. Yaratıcı: Lulou [Null (Nyanpyoun)] Yuzuki Tukari (Vocaloid) - xray. Yaratıcı: Lulou. Patreon ile yayınları desteklemek ister misin?easycars24.pl (Wordpress İçin Komut Satırı Arayüzü) Extending ve.Null ghost patreon images Ghost Valley. Existentia. Through Sky Shores Of Null, Thomas A. G. Jensen, Saturnus. A Secret Kiss. My Dying Bride. easycars24.pl?u= ▷▷Images: easycars24.pl Check out the 24/7 Live Stream! easycars24.plve ▷▷Bother me on social media things ▷▷. bytes static/images/easycars24.pl | Bin 0 -> bytes 4 files new file mode index f32dfe /dev/null +++. easycars24.pl walk looking over the shop floor im just imaging a bunch of employees working and steel being craned around sad its closed. yaşamış pant patron Hırist durumlar evli mezunu Bunları rakib ettiklerini futbolcunun ##lamasıyla Malta inen Serisi hüs Pic edileceği Lakin şarkıyı.

Null ghost patreon images.

XXX 3d porno Pics 60 Images: Iraqi protesters tread over U.S. and Israeli flags as they and are both considered null and void,” adding that “the Turkey-Libya let you know a few of the images aren't loading properly. The key difference between Gal and Ghost Stories, though, is.

easycars24.pl easycars24.pl easycars24.pl easycars24.pl easycars24.pl easycars24.pl easycars24.pl easycars24.pl Along the way they battle enemies such as Herobrine, Null, and the Angel of Death, los angeles crime ghost, los angeles crimes how to play online.   Null ghost patreon images [mad project] arcee Çizgi roman (the null zone). [sillygirl] bu Döküm (overwatch) Stedilnik hayalet köpek yavrusu español Dostum perro PART 4. Etiketler:Tam renk Büyük Penis Kas Erkek sadece Karanlık cilt şeytan Dokunaçlar Hayalet Resimleri Batı · sex. en iyi hentai ve manga porno. The divine comedy a secret history mega descargar tumbrl Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation. @ReNNie i think you need glasses or something man, these pics are perfectly fine for us, The new version of Sam Fisher from Ghost Recon.

Null ghost patreon images

Previous gallery Next gallery. açık slayt gösterisi. gay kürklü picturies ile hikayeler PART 16 Patron & Mio. 91%. Patron & Mio. Tags:Title:artist neocoill Ein Stück Overwatch Re null Kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu Super Mario Brüder Die Legende der zelda Anal Bbw XXX 3d porno Pics.  Null ghost patreon images Daily updates FAP18PGALS - Daily updated free Porn galleries. jackplusjill cam porn Bawdy and Soul Yup, it's a porn spoof on the movie Ghost. 'fa-file-excel-o', 'fa-file-image-o', 'fa-file-movie-o', 'fa-file-o', fa-slideshare fa-smile-o fa-snapchat fa-snapchat-ghost fa-snapchat-square.

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Korku •Gerilim •Polisiye Film Önerileri Filmler hakkında detaylı bilgi için görselleri tıklayınız.  Null ghost patreon images  

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Null ghost patreon images

Parker Sickmann Yıl önce. They made one of these into a hockey arena near me and they kept a big pot still hanging on the roof and it looks so cool. White Skullz Yıl önce. Alois Schicklgruber Yıl önce. That "orange tarp" is a speed door. When you approach it, censors on the side or magnets in the concrete tell the motor on top to zip it up. Some have actual zippers on the side, and some use tension bars that hang halfway down, with rubber straps on them.

But, stupid fork lift drivers alwaya clip the bottom because they cant wait 4 seconds till it goes all the way up. Lunamaria Yıl önce. D K Yıl önce.

I am happy for security for one reason. No filthy graffiti everywhere, in fact, not a single spot. SpizaleFTW Yıl önce. Aitak Aitov Yıl önce. It's funny that in - a year after the closure - the place was an easier explore than two or three years ago. Dream Chaser Yıl önce. Scott Peterson Yıl önce. I am tired of trying to figure out where you are.

That should be included here No one else in comments sec even seemed to wonder of location?? Dan Yıl önce. These videos really gives everyone as a community to get together and raise funds to rebuild and restore the historical building in their community before it collapses or gets torn down by developers.

Steven Johnston Yıl önce. Aaron Andrade Yıl önce. Bigboy Jones Yıl önce. Miakoda Combies Yıl önce. When the background music started, part of my sleepy mind was like "SHHH!! Turn that off! They'll hear you! Timbo Yıl önce. Drake Daraitis Yıl önce. Charles Holt Yıl önce. Karissa Bekkering Yıl önce.

Sky Quest Music Official Yıl önce. Props to you guys for not leaving when that intense banging started. Bailey Knight Yıl önce. GaryGoat Yıl önce. Koss Da Yıl önce. Andrew Slatcki Yıl önce. Those Frenchies are really adamant about protecting their abandoned buildings. I guarantee the guards knew you were there and were fuckin with you, because they thought it was funny lol. James Tiedt Yıl önce. How is it abandoned when there's obviously security guarding places like this?

RonG Yıl önce. Evan Rosenberry Yıl önce. Robert Rowe Yıl önce. I would not go inside any of these large places because I have a Phobia about this large places with High Ceilings.

Ryan Church Yıl önce. Don Haddix Yıl önce. Mrssea Sea Yıl önce. Yall need lookouts and radios. Scanner would be nice just incase the police are called. Yaratıcı: Foxsany. Minamoto from Fate! Artist is "alov" x Artist is "Liang Xing" This wallpaper might require good computers to be used. Cheers : x This version is without the x-ray. Mostly testing out how the performance does for my first x-ray.

Tell me if it's giving you lag issues! It's not too fancy this time. Artist is "Pinkladymage" more specifically. She calls this girl the "Pink Lady", which is somewhat confusing but it is what it is. Artist is "iizuki tasuku" I think! Artist is "Oni-noboru" This one fits best for x and larger monitors will have some trouble.

Reupload because the rules have changed. Artist is "Sakimichan". Artist is "Matarou" Unnamed girl so this is now a stockings appreciation post Another test using different methods. Cannot find the artist, but if you do know please let me know. Seriously no clue who the artist OR who the character is. Reverse searching has found nothing. If you do know the artist or character, please let me know in the comments!!

Source is Touhou mochi I'm not sure how I feel about this one, maybe its too western. I'm gonna go ahead and release it anyways though since its been sitting in my finished pile for a long time now. This one is NOT animated! I just put a couple effects on one of my favorite wallpapers.

Fuck me I dont know what to call these anymore She's got nice tits and looks like astolfo but she ain't soooooooo x Yaratıcı: NO. Yaratıcı: It's hard to read some of the translated pages. Yaratıcı: PonyKing. Va Magica D. Yaratıcı: Columba livia. Yaratıcı: Lulou. Update: Uh Now it's back to normal. Why did no one say anything Yaratıcı: Colletior. Yaratıcı: Expete. Yaratıcı: NamelessMan. Yaratıcı: Kiba. Closing eyes and blush are new here.

I'm starting to pay more attention to some possible facial animations and I think it makes the wallpapers look better.

For more animations check out L An awkward battle. For more lewd animated wallpapers check out Lulu's Animations For more of this artist check out Aki99's Collection Taken from here For more animated wallpapers check out Lulu's Animations For more like this check out Lulu's animations Is Bowsette still relevant?!

I wonder how many people recognize this waifu. For more of the artist Aroma Sensei's Collection A new artist is added to Lulu's xray series. Soon, a separate collection will be made for Ayya-chan Yaratıcı: Nano. Yaratıcı: Yoro. Yaratıcı: IthildinX. Want to eat the special burger?

XD For more lewd animated wallpapers check out Lulu's Animations Sena's risque costume didn't stay for so long A little spooky wallpaper for the Halloween season. Of course, it's still one of Lulu's wallpapers. So I had been playing with the idea of out of plane animations before.

Then Vell-senpai released his fake 3D Low res but how can I ignore this - Updated with high-res image For more lewd animated wallpapers check out Lulu's Animations Lady - xray. So my dumb ass has just found out about the presets. Anyways, from on more interesting things will pop up Va BlackCat [X-Ray]. Va [X-Ray]. Gridman - animated.

Not really high-res and the aspect ratio is not good, but I wanted to animated it so here you go. For more animations check out Lulu's animations Popüler tweet'lerBander tweets s RT Of0iyorum! Yeni tweets meselesi vardır.

Volga's punishment game P31 Commander Bolis patreon. P I have tried many ways these days, and finally found one that suits me It will have a whole new visual effect… twitter. Volga's punishment game tease Thanks to Elliot for correcting the English version. BanderDay:Demo P preview more info here: patreon. Volga's punishment game P14 full content here: patreon. Orth, who is one of the most important characters, has a deep connection to Bander. When you bought a naked apron on Amazon at Christmas, the merchant included a shop assistant to teach you how to co… twitter.

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Seems you missed the laboratoriums ;. Emmanuel Goldstein 8 aylar önce. Calthecool 8 aylar önce. Railion 9 aylar önce. Well, i guess that this steel mill was from thyssen kurpp and that is why it is so heavily guarded, but i am just geussing. Be careful, those franch security guards are armed with croissants and they are not afraid to use them like the boomerang!!! Douglas Meek 10 aylar önce.

Tony Randall 10 aylar önce. Charles Quinn 10 aylar önce. Dan Zmitrovich 11 aylar önce. Steel mills have contracts to scrap metal at steel mills for demolition work at steel mills and that is why there is a lot of banging. D N 11 aylar önce. When i worked in a steel mill, it was noisy and hot and carbon was always in an abundance. Very dangerous work. By the way, what country is this in? Kenneth chamberland 11 aylar önce.

Till the arrests of Congress ones in the Circle of To join Have one True God in your heart and common sense Also beware of the Black Deep State Dead Reckon 11 aylar önce. As someone who works security, judging from the look of those camera's, if htey work, the picture quality is probably somewhere around "Lol, pixels". Usually the cameras themselves never had a particularly high quality image, and the lenses are so worn from years of sun, wind, and rain, that the image quality degrades to pretty much useless pixelated mush.

Kris Dawson 11 aylar önce. Sascha Schmitt Yıl önce. Balls of steel there : I'd have run after i heard the guards for the first time. Dave Lucero Yıl önce. Dragging Canoe Yıl önce. Maxime L'Écuyer Yıl önce. Tronfighter 25 Yıl önce. Little Luna Yıl önce. Wilbur Warthog Yıl önce. CizreK Yıl önce. Arcturus Yıl önce. You need to wear dark clothes and enter at sunrise.

Dark grey clothes you can stand still in the shadows and you wont be noticed. MadGamerStudios Yıl önce. Chris Andro Yıl önce. Jared Worman Yıl önce. Parker Sickmann Yıl önce. They made one of these into a hockey arena near me and they kept a big pot still hanging on the roof and it looks so cool. White Skullz Yıl önce. Alois Schicklgruber Yıl önce. That "orange tarp" is a speed door. When you approach it, censors on the side or magnets in the concrete tell the motor on top to zip it up.

Some have actual zippers on the side, and some use tension bars that hang halfway down, with rubber straps on them. But, stupid fork lift drivers alwaya clip the bottom because they cant wait 4 seconds till it goes all the way up.

Lunamaria Yıl önce. D K Yıl önce. I am happy for security for one reason. No filthy graffiti everywhere, in fact, not a single spot.

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Sen de instagram beğeni satın al sayfamıza uğra ve instagram beğeni satın al. İnstagram beğeni satın al sayfamızda fiyatlar tam sana göre. It was always such a touchy subject that I never really got to share my thoughts on it with anyone, even Emily. Frowning, Stephanie looked from Kelly to Brian, and then down into her hands in her lap.

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I hope you like it. Sorry if there are any mistypes. Comments and suggestion are more than welcome. He trampled over clothes and empty pizza boxes to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He popped the top and walked over to the window over looking the community pool.

He noticed a beautiful women swimming alone as he studied her every move. She was the most beautiful women that he has ever seen, long brown hair, and a tanned, toned body. Netflix, Amerikan yapım şirketi ve medya hizmetleri sağlayıcısıdır. Diğer bir deyişle, günümüzün en popüler çevrimiçi film ve dizi izleme platformlarından biridir.

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The son of immigrants from Taiwan, Yang supports the Medicare for All proposal, which is based on the existing government-run Medicare program for Americans aged 65 and older, and has called automation the biggest threat facing U.

His campaign has released more than policy ideas, including eclectic proposals like creating an infrastructure force called the Legion of Builders and Destroyers. Be sure to check out our exclusive HD porno collection in crisp high definition including 4K and VR porn. He is the second major actor from the popular series to have died at a young age. Lawyer Lisa Flynn said the father of the second victim, who died of a heroin overdose in at the age of 31, is planning to sue the church or Pell individually once the appeal is resolved.

Whenever a first lady demonstrates the complex nature of modern womanhood by being something other than a supportive wife and doting mother or grandmother , she encounters protests from those who prefer a narrow interpretation of femininity.

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Enotes nedir? Enotes, sadece bir not uygulamasıdır. Ancak diğer uygulamalardan farklı olarak gelişmiş bir yapı sunmaktadır. Öğretmenler ve öğrenciler için iyi bir seçimdir. En iyi deneyimi sağlamaya çalışan not almak için bu uygulamayı kullanabilirsiniz. Bunu yalnızca notlar için değil, aynı zamanda diğer kaynak yaratma, toplantı ve metin kavramını kapsayan genel çalışmalar için de kullanabilirsiniz.

Enotes, yılında Brad Satoris ve Alexander Blomingdale tarafından kuruldu. Va [X-Ray]. Gridman - animated. Not really high-res and the aspect ratio is not good, but I wanted to animated it so here you go.

For more animations check out Lulu's animations Yaratıcı: vell. I was trying to get her magic to turn on and off Say hello to the new Golden Lulu Wallpapers. I have just figured out how to do xray wallpapers with animations. It only took submissions haha.

This was originally done by anothergosick Gridman - xray. This is the decensored version of a wallpaper I had published previously. The old one has been deleted Goblin Slayer seems to be setting some artists into motion. Let's see what comes out in the coming weeks.

It is certainly one of my favorite series and I'll be looking out for its fanart I absolutely love the works of this artist. The amount of detail in his drawings always blows me away. So I try to pay tribute by animating them as best as I can haha too poor for patreon q. For more of this artist check out Hews Collection For more of this artist check out Hews Collection And you want more animations check here Lulu's Animations[ Another great work by Hews where I tried to use all of my tools in animating.

Hope you enjoy. For more of this amazing artist check out Hews Collection The naughty high elf caught in action. As usual more effort goes into Hews' work. Update: Added panting animation. For more of this artist check out Hews Collecti For more of this artist check out Hews Col Goblin slayer inspecting numerous wound marks on maiden of sword's body.

Another amazing work by Hews, for more check out Hews Collection For more from this artist check out Hews Collection She seems to be quite popular among the artists in this season of anime. For the time being it's mostly basic stuff with simple backgrounds. This was a rather special piece a few years ago. It's tricky to find older popular anime fanart. Umaru-chan] [infinite loop] Guizu Umaru-chan and hamsters P.

Movie - xray. The finger animation and some other parts have been updated. Still learning flow phase and animation stacking A sleepy Iri reaching for her phone in the morning. The part where her hand is behind the table took a while but I think it turned out fine.

I will never understand the foot fetish. But here you go. I guess For more animations check out Lulu's animations This is the most I time I have spent on a wallpaper lol. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know how you think it could improve I combined these two pieces in one cause landscape looks better and characters are related. I quite like the style of this artist. Reminds me of Hews with the shadows.

Update: Had forgotten to enable parallax. It is enabled now. For more lewd animate I wanted to add just a vertical shake to this but then got carried away and added 7 more. Tried to simulate a moving train. Could be better, but it's midnight and I don't want to spend more time on this. Yaratıcı: MechaDeka. Breathing effect. Va Overwatch - xray. For more of this artist check out Lasterk's Collection I really like this artist's style.

Unfortunately most of his images on the net are low res. It's a shame that I could not find a high-res version of this. Still it's better to have something than nothing There were two versions of this. Pick whichever you like. For more from this artist check out Lulu's Logan Cure Collection Va - xray. This is one of the most complicated animation I have done and I'd say it was worth the effort.

Just Strength enjoying some vanilla pudding. Nothing else. Carry on.

73 Null-ghost ideas in | furry art, anthro furry, furry

Join now. May 13, at PM. Cancelled Commission. 12 Comments. 60 Likes. Unlock this post. by becoming a patron. Join now for $15 per month. May 13, at PM. Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions! Skip navigation. Create on Patreon Sign up to become a patron of Null-Ghost. Sign up with Google. Sign up with Facebook. or. Name. Email. Confirm email. Password.  Top Podcasts In Science Apr 2, - Explore iloveallfurries's board "Null-ghost", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about furry art, furry, anthro furry pins. Apr 15, - Explore Jaidon Lilly's board "null-ghost" on Pinterest. See more ideas about furry art, anthro furry, furry pins. Null-Ghost - pixiv pixiv. About Null-Entity. 30 Something stock photographer/model. After + Photos and 7 Years as a hobby creating male reference and photo resources for the art community I would really appreciate your help in taking this hobby to the next level. Costumes/Props/Better Equipment and shoots with Multiple Models/Group Images. 

These 35 Creepy Photos of Ghosts Will Give You Nightmares | 22 Words

Getting started with Oculus Touch and Avatar SDK in Unity [Updated]

If you try to move it, you will see that the Avatar remains at the same place. Anyway, thanks for the tip! Do you know of any mesh versions of the avatar body or how to extract them? I can capture the transforms and reapply them to the bone structure stripped of all the OVR stuff, but only can find actual meshes for hands in one of the example scenes. I could just do a stiff floating head, but I kinda want to keep the whole neck joint nuance that is built in.

And will they be fixed? Thanks for the tutorial! You have a copy and paste error of some sort in the avatar section…. Hello, thanks for the tip!! Like in the oculus touch space demo, where pressing trigger button while grabbing the gun has a different pose than while grabbing the soda cans or the floppy disks. Have you tried following the sample on custom hand poses and see if there is a way to trick the system? One crappy idea for a prototype could be to have different coherent avatars, where only one is enabled each time: the one with the pose you want to show.

Well, I remember having tried everything and nothing worked until I did that trick. Maybe things have changed… you can try and then tell me the results! Good question, but I have no idea! Basically the right hand flies away and it does not look the most pleasing. Glad you liked it! Why do you say that the right hand flies away? Can you explain that better? Thanks for responding. It seems like when I turn my head, the right hand is not attached to some anchor point like the left hand is, causing it to move with the camera, while the left hand stays in place thanks to the AvatarCalibrator script.

Uhm, very strange. I get all kinds of weird errors when I try to import the oculus SDK assets, but no errors with the utilities… I have gotten it to work similar to how you were using spheres as children of the hands, but would love to have the actual hands in the VR space… did you have a long list of errors and if so how did you get rid of them? Thank you for trying, BUT: This was an awful waste of the time of anyone trying to learn…. To read an axis use Input. New input axes can be added in the Input Manager.

If you are using input for any kind of movement behaviour use Input. It gives you smoothed and configurable input that can be mapped to keyboard, joystick or mouse. Use Input. GetButton for action like events only. GetAxis will make the script code smaller and simpler.

That means nothing,,. You could be actually helping by going into some basic detail for beginners.. And helping save an industry in the process..

Thank you for posting this. I went through all the steps you posted the same way you did by searching for all the answers. I ended up getting stuck on the avatars not showing up in my builds. Now that I did I can finally start working with the avatar system. Thanks so much for writing everything out. It a great help! Does not compile abadf9c - Continue to work on fixing various compile errors 4d25e14 - Continue to work on fixing various compile errors cb78 - Bump workspace to 1. Still crashes on startup due to forge not currently patching vanilla to support modded entities though 63f9fd2 - Bump forge version to allow for custom entities to be a thing instead of crashing on startup, and add model files for the different buckets.

Note: the mask currently appears to be broken so they appear empty 4f12c4c - Bump forge version so that buckets look like they have contents, and also fix various bugs in additions module including the rendering of balloons 3e27e17 - Work on converting more renderers to the new system, and fix a crash when putting buckets in the heat generator 1f9c02a - Cleanup some references to creating resource locations, and add a couple TODOs 8aa - Cleanup a bit of stuff with how we structure models 6c19e9a - Mostly fix rendering of bins, and fix setting type of a creative bin.

Also things like fluid tank items don't show their contents again yet 42e48f8 - Fix reactor renderer, and xray like effect for various glass blocks. Also made laser renderer not cause a crash, though it still does not render properly 0a1cbbf - Fix slightly improper rotation for south and west, and mostly fix rendering of laser 4fdf - Fix using degrees instead of radians causing the laser to be rotated slightly incorrectly, and re-enable the other particle types that mekanism adds that never got ported to 1.

The next step will be cleaning up the names, and moving them all over to being used in the data generators, and getting rid of unused lang entries. Also go through and copy the various old lang strings for other languages to the proper location and key for 1. Still needs a bit of cleanup but mostly works now 8a4d6a4 - Rename a variable across many classes to a better suited name e2be - Cleanup some stuff for rendering the contents, and fix a copy paste error in the localized strings the new years message prints.

Also fix a few misc issues with rendering of small transmitter center pieces where the lighting was drastically off 19c4a4b - Convert RenderResizableCuboid to using IVertexBuilder and matrices instead of RenderSystem, and port RenderConfigurableMachine to use it. Also fix MekanismUtils. And the flow texture is closer in color to the still texture 0dc - Fix the rendering of more things that use RenderResizableCuboid.

Closes add explicit dump button to infusion factories. Closes Bump version to 9. Fixes compatibility with BetterFPS' Fast fog mode 31f - A small deduplication of the OreDictManager bebcee0 - Move all references to energy conversion ratios to their own class rather than duplicating the logic across multiple classes ba - Partial fix for Stopped it from overflowing though at some point the EnergyNetwork should still be updated to having capacity be a double.

Also fix BuildCraft's modid Fix a few issues with sound Atomic Disassembler config Improve implementation of opening various Guis Implement Extended vein Mining, and make it possible to disable Remove unused Access Transformers and minor code cleanup Bump version to 9. Closes Additional: half bump version to 9. Fixes dabc - Only rename the dropped item if the TE is nameable.

Fixes 82d62ef - Fix valid fuel check for Gas Generator. Fixes 4c4e88d - Improve Itemstack equality checks ecf - Miner cleanup 4de2 - bump version to 9. Closes Use reference map instead of EnumMap for nullable key.

Closes minor nullable annotation for completeness Fix creative gas tank actually withdrawing gas when auto eject is false Finish the Recipe generics port Use Recipe Generics in more places, and some general readability Check ItemStack NBT for comparison in more places Cleanup a bit of infusion code Transporter performance improvements attempt to fix race conditions with FoamFix parallel model loading, fix incorrect ArrayList constructor usage bump version 9.

Closes Only mark the chargepad as active if it has energy. Fixes Only rename the dropped item if the TE is nameable. Fixes Fix valid fuel check for Gas Generator. Fixes Improve Itemstack equality checks Miner cleanup bump version to 9. Removes Caliper Air warning closes cd8 - Fix Advanced purifying factory not having the lights be on. Fixes ba89f44 - Actually obey the update cache param, and use the more advanced helper method in Container as well f8 - Properly set the metallurgic infuser to empty, fixes dccc32d - Check NBT for factory sorting.

Fixes deb - Fix desync between server and client for personal chest. Fixes f - Improve Compat with TOP f - Use security utils for checking access to teleporter and quantum entangloporter ba3 - Emitting logic overhaul 14d - Add some more ore processing compatibility 36aa81d - Add support for configuring machine energy storage.

Fixes d5db11e - Port by danielzgtg Item drop compatibility faef - bump version to 9. Fixes ebc1 - Robit teleportation fix. Fixes 8d - fix a missed y level check for security desk eac1 - prevent oredictionarificator from receiving a vertical facing. Fixes 7fd7 - use fakeplayer for canSilkHarvest. Fixes 8ecc - Add energized smelter to smelting catalyst a53a - Fixed armor spawning checks firing when they shouldn't.

CLIENT annotation to gui's missing it 47 a - Only don't do custom rendering if it would cause a crash 38 a22d39b - Fix method not using mapped variant.

Implements 10 ce1e1b3 - Add CraftTweaker infuseType command 68fae3e - Fix 9; add a blacklist for wind generation in the config file 9bb8 - Make sure we are checking blacklist on proper event so an initial packet is sent out to client in MP. Also revert ccd7ed0; UX got too weird. Recipe to a generic class c - Fix using wrong recipe category string in places, and broken IMC a2b2cb4 - Cleanup solars UI 3e4c - Fix some direct references of Mekanism from lang entries.

Also, add in sanity checks to IItemHandler wraps so we can fix any potential issues. Fixes b68 - Introduce bounds to search for sparkles! Closes d66d - Fixes Gas Color rendering in machine Gui's 8de - ensure some edge cases with GasTank stack having 0 amount can't happen e8b - Blacklist storage drawers block from cardboard box.

Closes 47d - rename errant srg name. Log if its not null but not what we expect. Is it ever a good idea to encourage or accept an intimate offer from a spirit? What was the unexplained entity lurking in a child's room long after the lights went out?

Here is a preview of the story. She was very pretty and looked a little familiar, not in the way I had seen her before but in the way she resembled someone I knew. I know I should have been freaked out, but I had an odd sense of calmness come over me. I rolled over and went to sleep. I got up the next day and went and told my parents about it.

My mom believed me, but my dad did not. He never believed what he could not see. I never talked about it with my dad, but my mother and I would talk about it. Fast forward several years, I was a junior in high school, and my mother and I were staying with my grandma on my dad's side because she became sick and needed help around the house. We were going through pictures that she had.

I came across this headshot picture of the lady I had seen in my Room when I was in 4th grade. Did a child witness the impossible while trying to recover in the hospital? Toys and stuffed animals belonging to other children in the ward began to fall onto the floor, then move around on their own, taking short hops across the floor.

The first time I saw it happen, I thought I was dreaming. But after seeing this happen several nights in a row, I knew there was something weird going on. That's what happened to me tonight when my friend directed me to Steve Huff's Patreon 0.

Just when you think that a human being could not possibly sink any lower than selling broken radios to the gullible at massively inflated prices. When you believe that this same person couldn't do anything more tasteless than 'contacting the spirits' of recently deceased celebrities. He suprises you on both counts.

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Hit Play and move your Touch controllers… you should start seeing some hands moving someway. You should also see an error about Oculus App Id, but we will deal with this later. Re-run the samples… now you should see that your avatar actually has sense now and that avatar hands are exactly where they should be!!

This is a non-sense for me IMHO if I say that an avatar is a first-person-avatar, it should follow the CameraRig automatically and I think that it is something that Oculus has to fix. And then, again, if you select Eye Level as origin type, nothing works the same. You can solve the issues putting a common parent between the Rig and the Avatar , but I prefer having a more complete approach also because this is needed in our ImmotionRoom prefab! Solution I found to make them related in any case indepently by the parents of both objects and the origin type is writing a small script that makes sure that the avatar follows your position and rotation.

Take this script, save it as AvatarCalibrator. This is a super-simple script that I wrote in few minutes and it is far from optimal, but it conveys the idea: the avatar will always make sure that his left hand coincides with the left hand reference frame of OVRCameraRig , this way it will follow you and will work like a charm even if you use a OVRPlayerController. Try substituting the OVRCameraRig with a OVRPlayerController and adding a floor plane, or the player controller will fall to death forever : you will see that even if you move with your Touch Thumbsticks, your avatar will always follow you… awesome!

This scripts makes only the position equal and so it breaks the magic when you rotate the player. To make it work even to handle rotation, you have to add a line to take that in count :. Try to play again and to rotate your player controller and your head… wow! Hands now are always perfect! Well, there is a problem. If you try looking at the program log, you will see a bazillion of exceptions, all like this one:. The problem is in the chosen architecture. Ok, so re-build and re-launch the program!

You should finally see your hands!! Anyway, if you want more info, full docs of Avatar SDK are here. So, how can you do this? Again, this will not be super-easy. Oculus documentation gives us precise instructions at this link where there is a more precise explanation of Unity Avatar Plugin , but why reading the official tutorial? Select your LocalAvatar gameobject and double click on OvrAvatar script to modify it.

Only thing you have to do is. Done it? Ok, now, do you remember that little exception I told you to ignore? Go to your Oculus Developer Dashboard and create a new fake app, giving it the name you prefer I chose TouchTest, since I have a lot of fantasy.

Copy it. Now when you hit play you should not see the exception anymore. But, even more: you can see a new avatar, a black-with-blue-sparkles one! This is the avatar of user , that I have no idea who is… maybe Palmer Luckey? So, how to find your Oculus Id? BUT I can tell you a workaround to obtain it. Basically, you have to create a script to initialize Oculus Platform with your App Id, then wait for platform initialization and only at that point you can create and initialize your avatar, providing it the ID of the logged in user that is, you.

I used this to trick the system and obtain your User Id. So, create a new script called PlatformIdManager and add it to an empty gameobject. Launch the program hitting Play and… bam!

Why is that happening? We have to make them communicate. Now save everything and hit play! And then set your Local Avatar as parameter of this script. This script will make everything wait until the platform has initialized with current user; then when the user will be recognized, the script will assign it the ID of the current logged in user the player. Of course you have also to go back to the line you changed into OvrAvatar. AvatarSpecificationCallback ; Launch everything again: you should see again your avatar… but the code is far better!

So, why do I showed you the dirty approach? Because this way I could show you the hack to obtain your Oculus User ID and because knowing that can be useful in some situations. And with this, my super-long tutorial woah, it is the longest post ever on my blog!

My final words on Avatar SDK is that it is cool but it still needs a bit of refactoring. And if you want, come to say hello to all of us of Immotionar! Happy !

Sometimes I pretend I can blog, but actually I've no idea what I'm doing. I tried to change the world with my startup Immotionar , offering super-awesome full body virtual reality , but now the dream is over. When you believe that this same person couldn't do anything more tasteless than 'contacting the spirits' of recently deceased celebrities. He suprises you on both counts.

Labels: exploitation , itc , paranormal fraud , steve huff. Unknown 2 March at Unknown 2 July at Check out some of the most well-known ghost photos on the next page. The Corroboree Rock ghost was captured on film in The ghostly man appears to either be kneeling, have no legs, or be rising up from the ground. The cemetery was reportedly empty when this photo was taken, and then when developed a woman in white could be seen sitting on a tombstone.

This photo comes from the haunted halls of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Some believe that the figure in this photo is Mary Lee, a nurse who committed suicide in the hospital after being impregnated by a doctor. A professional photographer caught this picture in England.

On the next page, see what is perhaps the most infamous of all ghost-photos! This ghost was captured in an image as the building around it burned. It is thought to be the ghost of Lord Combermere, who died after being hit by a horse-drawn carriage. His funeral was held a mere few miles away when this picture was taken at the Combermere Abbey Library. The Phantom Monk of Newby was caught on camera in Whatever is in the photo looks humanoid, is extremely tall, and appears to have some kind of mask or deformity on its face.

According to legend, the subject is Lady Dorothy Walpole, who died under mysterious circumstances in If you're a fan of all things paranormal and you enjoyed this story, share it with your ghost-loving friends.

There are plenty of frights to go around! They had an unwelcome peeper.

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Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Some Null ghost patreon images describe our true ghost stories as "a podcast full of great spooky stories". Another listener writes "not the same old boring zombies, vampires, witches and werewolves!

This is the best ghost story podcast out there", and another subscriber writes "combines the best parts of other ghost-story and paranormal podcasts and delivers a solid, spooky experience that is better than Coast to Coast AM, George Noorey or Art Bell". Subscribe to Real Ghost Stories Online today and don't miss an episode of our daily ghost podcast.

If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call! What happens when as an adult, you go through a traumatic ending of a relationship. Of course, you work at developing your abilities as a medium to communicate with the dead. At least, that is what Shawn Warren did. His desire to discover his skills and use them to help others resulted in a new life and world for him to explore.

Today we discuss his exciting journey and where it has taken him today on The Grave Talks. When someone wants to communicate with the other side, is it always the desired spirit that comes through? How does Shawn deal with negative entities or energy when on an investigation?

How does Shawn handle it when a disappointing or negative message is being delivered through him to a living person? Access to submit questions to upcoming guests of our show. Is it ever a good idea to encourage or accept an intimate Null ghost patreon images from a spirit? What was the unexplained entity lurking in a child's room long after the lights went out?

Here is a preview of the story. She was Null ghost patreon images pretty and looked a little familiar, not in the way I had seen her before but in the way she resembled someone I knew. I know I should have been freaked out, but I had an odd sense of calmness come Null ghost patreon images me. I rolled over and went to sleep. I got up the next day and went and told my parents about it.

My mom believed me, but my dad did not. He never believed what he could not see. I never talked about it with my dad, but my mother and I Null ghost patreon images talk about it. Fast forward several years, I was a junior in high school, and my mother and I were staying with my grandma on my dad's side because she became sick and needed help around the house. We were going through pictures that she had. I came across this headshot picture of the lady I had seen in my Room when I was in 4th grade.

Did a child witness the impossible while trying to recover in the hospital? Toys and stuffed animals belonging to other children in the ward began to fall onto the floor, then move around on Null ghost patreon images own, taking short hops across the floor.

The first time I saw it happen, I thought I was dreaming. But after seeing this happen several nights in a row, I knew there was something weird going on. I tried explaining what I had seen Null ghost patreon images the doctor, nurses, and my parents, but no one would believe me. Frustrated, I became determined to discover what was going on.

One early morning, just after 1 am, I was awoken from my sleep by a strange sensation. It felt as if someone was in the room with me, staring at me. I propped myself up in bed and scanned the room to see if anyone was there. The room was illuminated by some night lights placed around the room to help us go to the bathroom, so I could clearly see across the room. There was nothing there.

What happens when a paranormal experience frightens you so much that you are not able to breath? The kind you take when you have held your breath so long that you were out of oxygen. For all intent and purposes, looking at my alarm clock, I had apparently not breathed for 6 minutes.

That is when I started to notice things that I never noticed before. It was little things that kids would find scary. Waking up in the middle of the night, seeing the door to the hallway bathroom open and then noticing despite everyone being asleep, the toilet is getting flushed. Sometimes once, sometimes twice. It happened on and off for about two to three years.

And to top it all off, you guys are funny. I listen to this podcast every single day during work hours and my days fly by and I love that. Keep it up guys!! Apple Podcasts Preview. Customer Reviews. Top Podcasts In Science. Hidden Brain. Bret Weinstein DarkHorse Podcast.

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Still have to do all the other types of registries at some point - Convert ContainerTypes to using deferred registers def4 - Convert EntityTypes to using deferred registers. Minecraft actually can start Null ghost patreon images f8aadd7 - Fix some armor textures, and registration of generators and main module blocks and items. I wish to you all that this will be an astonishing year! The voxel shape for the energy cube still needs one minor fix though b0e1 - Fix some bugs with filters there are still probably a good number of bugs since the system should be rewritten Toys and stuffed animals belonging to other children in the ward began to fall onto the floor, then move around on their own, taking short hops across the floor. Minor prep work for cleaning up slurry handling. Also double max length of a filter string as some tag entries may be rather long a43fa35 - Add bio fuel crushing recipe for melon slices 3e71fd0 - Bump Null ghost patreon images to 9.