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Remember one Bitcoin is currently worth many U. Pay With Bitcoin denominated in Bitcoins. Non -tax deductible. There is no 2. The Unz Review - Mobile. User Settings: Version?

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More likely, almost none. I've been asking for some time for examples of Southern dynastic wealth that survived the Civil War and Reconstruction, and have gotten very, very few responses. Where did all the money go? Well, two famous quotes sum it Read More. Superintendent Brenda Cassellius recommended the one-year From the New York Times today: N.

Schools Chief to Resign From the BBC: Amnesty strips Alexei Navalny of 'prisoner of conscience' status By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Moscow Published 1 day ago Amnesty International has stripped the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny of his "prisoner of conscience" status after it says it was "bombarded" with complaints highlighting xenophobic comments that he has made in the After remaining grounded for far too long, Superman is finally ready to fly again.

Though this time, UK Blacks Are 8. The interacting reasons that the U. The U. But we see the same racial patterns within Black Trump fanatics are out of control. First they are beating up elderly Asians, now they are dognapping Lady Gaga's French bulldogs as retribution for Gaga singing at Biden's inauguration. From the Daily Mail: French bulldogs are for people like Lady Gaga who aren't quite committed enough to buy English bulldogs.

They want to go From NBC News: Violence against Asian Americans and why 'hate crime' should be used carefully Social media posts have conflated violence against people who are Asian American with hate crimes against the community at large, tying the crimes to pandemic racism. In response to a reader's question about differences in average cognitive test scores between blacks and whites, commenter Maven points us toward the PIAAC test of adults.

PIAAC in found that men average very slightly better than females Transgender and the bisexual catch-all are up dramatically among the young and Unlike, say, the SPLC or ADL, who, ya gotta admit, at least work hard for their lucre, the main Black Lives Matter organization doesn't actually do much other than, I gather, own the intellectual property right to the phrase "black lives matter" do they? From the New York Post With , official deaths in the U.

The Spanish flu of hit men between 20 and 40 the hardest, thus leaving many widows and orphans. With , Americans now having died from covid, how many orphans under Da sich der Zeitwert anhand von verschiedensten Faktoren ermittelt und auch individuell zu betrachten ist, kann dieser.

Kommentar melden. Wertzuwachs denk ich mal ist zu erwarten bei vielen 80er, 90er Jahre Autos die. Mehrheitlich sind aber selbst bei Risikoinvestitionen nur eher geringe maximale Gewinne umsetzbar. Poor Pat. Who else do you hate? Ever wonder about him, Einstein? Why would someone Andrew Anglin who blames Jews for absolutely everything that is wrong in the world not blame them for what they actually did ?

Sounds like a mystery. If we had the Internet in those days, then once people understood that it was an inside job, then that would be a huge problem for the Johnson administration and the others responsible, and the threat of an actual investigation would have been terrifying to them.

Today we have the Internet, sort of. Just the tiniest possibility of that, would be reason enough for the Zionists and their legions of whores to pull out all the stops, and fund every kind of chicanery, in order to subvert the truth. I think I can answer that question. The guy wanted so much to be liked by the TV audience that he came out as a pleaser.

Remember that usual facial expression of him at the time…? That had an effect, even if only subconsciously, so at the end people tended to answer to his plea, they forced themselves to find him funny. Heard, it has a very bad track record, going to Sasooon for treatment means a death sentence. Kind of fitting, merchant of death, hospital of death. I said when Americans are as free to criticize the Jewish version of history as we are to agree with it , let us know. When do you suppose that will be?

In the meantime, you can post your unsupported allegations Jewish version of history freely just about anywhere, including even here. Most goyim like you have been trained to accept it Jewish version of history without question. I believe you are correct. The psychopaths in charge of the USA and its running-chihuahuas hate the Chinese with a genocidal racist frenzy. You can see it plainly here in Austfailia, now decayed into truly diabolical wickedness.

Every story in the media concerning China has long been negative, latterly viciously so, but with ever increasing frenzy. A war that would destroy this country, possibly the world, but one that they probably desire for just that reason, because many are End Times religious psychopaths.

Ed, most Chinese students return home. I have never taken anyone, let alone the ABC to court-I could not afford it. Chinese students, like all students, tend to be smarter than average, and many are fine drivers. I suspect that you are one. Funny Australians calling for war against China. Tens of thousands of military from all over world attended wuhan military games, October Why is no one investigating all who attended and or even mentioning this very significant, coincidence?

If I could see through the lies and deceptions at a young age, others should have also been able to see through them as well. We know 17 of 19 highjackers were Saudis.

We know an important Saudi diplomate arranged US housing for at least two of the highjackers, but only because the detail BushII censored was finally revealed. We know the Saudi government refused the FBI access to Saudi domestic financial records which could have identified who was financing the operation. We also knew Israel was wise to the conspiracy because they had a film crew in a van in NYC at the time of the event. Information they apparently did not share with the FBI.

We also know the FBI had ample independent warning of a domestic flight hijacking, because a Florida flight instructor called them to warm them about Arabs interesting in learning how to fly without learning how to land. I was a baby when JFK was assassinated. But eventually I too discovered that it was an inside job. We know the Mossad knew it was going to happen. So they had to have inside information at the very least. Just that little tidpit of information would tell us some of the people who were responsible, because they knew the building was going to collapse.

Because they wired it for a collapse. OK, who?! We know building seven was a controlled demolition. We know there was no crash at Shanksville. Israel would come to an end. Look, if you haven't even looked into it, but just blurt out idiotic, 'official government' tropes that are laughable by now, then do us all a favor, and at least do a tiny bit of honest research, before you show your ignorance.

You are correct. WTC was a zionist-run and controlled operation, helped along by ziocon George Bush. In order for jews to be properly treated, they would have to be sequestered in their own areas with entry and exit being strictly controlled by gentiles. Jews would be allowed to leave temporarily for medical treatment or for other necessities of life. Synagogues would be allowed, but only in jewish areas.

Thank you, thanks for the link, checking it out now. Thank you,. I certainly would have no problem with them staying in Palestine, provided the situation between the Palestinian Arabs and the European and Russian Jews could be reversed.

We could send all those billions of dollars and weapons to the Palestinians. They could appropriate Jewish land as they were inclined. They could treat the Jews with the same kind of concern that the Jews there now treat the Palestinians. It would even be a kind of divine, karmic justice to see that be the situation for a few generations, at least.

The Palestinians would no-doubt need someone to man their construction labor industries, and service and hospitality industries as well! What better way to make up for generations of mass-murder, terror, ethnic cleansing, genocide and sadistic oppression, than to reverse the fortunes of the victim and his tormentor.

Building 7 poses a conundrum. How do Israelis gain so much building access without exposure? How is it possible anybody could secretly transport and place enough explosives to bring three buildings down? Since Oklahoma City explosives have been loaded with tracers, which identify the time and place of manufacturer.

Is all that covered up too, or is the entire military establishment also secretly involved but remaining mum on the subject. The funniest are da Blacks….. There has been no one funnier than prime age Eddie Murphy and few who are as thought prokoing as Pryor and Chappelle. So you got to Africa to corrupt the Africans with your racism? How white of you. George Floyd a thug? Did you explain that to your kids? Lets hope they dont wise up one day. The one thing u do have to say about Africans is they do know how to deal with Muzungu who get out of line.

And perhaps they have so many criminals in their midst that they get tired of violating their human rights and ship them en masse to Europe to be rid of them without having to physically eliminate them themselves. Perhaps they should open all their prisons and drive the criminals to the harbours to board inflatable boats to Europe lest those Europeans start complaining about the conditions in African prisons and treatment of their prisoners.

Yes, they wanted to hide the synthetical nature of Sars-cov-2 because people would speculate on its intention. In reality, the Wuhan lab is not responsible for this virus and certainly the perpetrators released it at the Wuhan military games to make look like it came from the lab if people started demanded a formal inquiry.

Thus, China became an easy target for the foreign media and for the malicious intelligence services that planned this attack. The result is that now China has become overnight no1 threat and it has kept suffering repeated setbacks since If that is the case, be smart and a throw a bone early on by conducting an early probe with the WHO in order to avoid a backlash.

It will be tough going forward for China to get out of this predicament unless a strong proof appears which would turn the tide in this information war. As maintenance personnel have total access to every part of the building, insertion of destructive materials becomes quite easy.

I have been unable to access gameruprising. Am bummed about it, have never seen so many lol comments. The record is long-established and universally supported. Depart from drivel, Mr. Be bold! Do you have a food taster gefreiter Hitler had several? What qualities does Ron Unz possess that recommend him for high office? Be specific. Spare no words. Meanwhile, you blame Jews for all evil, then suck up to one! Good luck Pat! Trump with his squalid dependents. Any advice on how to play that? Aided by c3 bell-ringers like CIA Dr.

Phil same game. They somehow convinced the Chinese government to invest in biological weapons. I buy that. I think what they are hoping for is that the US or someone in the US will make a bio weapon to retaliate against china killing off a large number of chinese. AIDS was almost certainly a plant to kill off Africans and gay people. Not super effective in Africa. The jewish ideologies are certainly horrid. That shit is in the talmud. There is just a lot of Africans in Africa and wages are higher elsewhere.

The virus and then existing data was packaged up and sent to the Wuhan biowarfare lab, along with the funding Fauci has admitted this.

The CCP has as much respect for human life as its founders did, which means, very little. The people exist only to serve the interests of the state, and the state is most interested in hegemony.

First regional, then, later, beyond. The idea that some Jewish conspiracy is responsible is, frankly, idiotic. There is plenty of evidence of movement of people between Red China and Iran to explain the outbreak in Qom, just as there was a problem in Italy shortly afterward, and for the same reason, as well. The Jewish state has been quite friendly with Peking for years.

Rather than doing so, you double down on your hasbara self-pity, piling on ever more hasbara strawmen:. Boy, you sure fool us! The Unz Review - Mobile. User Settings: Version? Social Media? All None Exclude Blogs. Show Word Counts. No Infinite Scrolling. Home About Settings. Science History Forum. Newslinks Podcasts Popular. Articles Authors Subscribe. Summary Categories Bloggers.

Newslinks Columnists Authors. Settings About More Derek Chauvin Sentenced to Blogview Andrew Anglin Archive. Your Name. Remember My Information. Recipient Name. Recipient Email s , separated by semicolons. List of Bookmarks. Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative. Subscribe to New Columns.

Hide Comments Leave a Comment. Commenters to ignore one per line Save List Cancel. Commenters to follow one per line Save List Cancel. Trim Comments? No Short Long. Blubb says:. June 18, at am GMT. My feeling is that China is just as much part of the agenda as everyone else.

June 18, at pm GMT. Gina Schrank says:. Sick of Orcs says:. One suspects Trump and Leibowitz are cut from the same bolt of cloth. Trinity says:. Alfred Muscaria says:. Rurik says:. If they could release a mild virus every year and compel us to buy their remedy, they would.

Dumbo says:. Johnny F. Ive says:. Charles Fhandrich says:. John Johnson says:. Jon looks seriously stressed by reality. He makes a living by selling a form of comedy where they dance around the rhino in the room. Basically makes jokes for other children in adult bodies. Because this is Unz where all Jews are bad. A White hating reality denying liberal like Colbert will still get precedence over him.

Or they will say he is actually Jewish somehow. YesMeAgain says:. Mulga Mumblebrain says:. June 19, at am GMT. A great min overview of this topic:. GomezAdddams says:. Old Brown Fool says:. Why should they steal when Americans were compelled to share it with them officially? Robert Dolan says:. RJ Macready says:. Daemon says:. Wade Hampton says:. I wonder what would happen if we had a serious and deadly pandemic? Hughes says:. Sean says:. BenKenobi says:. Fact: neurological issues, such as uncontollable shaking, drive patients and care givers insane Companies are expecting to lose employees in 2 years hence secession planning consultants are being hired.

Bugey libre says:. Take good care of you. Ghost of Bull Moose says:. The Brits are good comedians. Jim North says:. This sort of writing is why we love Andrew Anglin. Franklin Ryckaert says:. Ilya G Poimandres says:. A little boy in the crowd says:. Z-man says:. Such is the approach from Mulga Mumbelbrain. Consider his comment Chinese abilities are rather marked, their education system is highly successful, many hundreds of thousand study overseas and have done so for decades, Since I never went to school in China and enjoyed their highly successful education system I would like to know why they leave China to study overseas?

Then of course, rather than support his argument Mulga launches into the usual: race hating vermin, pig ignorant and moronic to marked degree, peddle the idiocy ….. R2b says:. Sarah says:. It is not about the supposed virus or the disease, To summarize: The dam has broken and people are looking for the origin of the water. So what we are going to do about THAT?

I ask. St-Germain says:. Yeah, but some people grokked that Cheney was not from Saudi Arabia. They carry all kinds of coronavirus, without necessarily getting sick.

Mutations appear all the time. Mustelids also inhabit these caves and they are very sensitive to coronaviruses. Svevlad says:. Supply and Demand says:. June 19, at pm GMT. Rich says:. Ratty old Jew Pretty good.

Yid trying to be relevant and also deceive. Old and Grumpy says:. Jew comedians come in a distant second to Lucille Ball and the great truther George Carlin. Boomthorkell says:.

A Half Naked Fakir says:. Hyper Bole says:. Here is something for the massive corruption. Gates etc are toward the end. WhiteWinger says:. Leo Den says:. Like , they did it.

Fuck you, whoever you are. Bombercommand says:. This author has his head screwed on backwards: Stripped everyone of their basic civil rights. Agent76 says:. Dystopian says:.

Robert Bruce says:. I just checked, and Anglin is obviously a POS shill. Craig Nelsen says:. Charles Fhandrich. B, because A? AceDeuce says:. Ace says:. Getaclue says:. Spooner says:. There are two schools of antinomian thought on this: A.

Suppose you accept A. And then it turns out to be B. On the other hand: 2. And then it turns out to be A. Desert Fox says:. CelestiaQuesta says:.

Notsofast says:. Is that a valid position to have? Flubber says:. Muggles says:. No thanks. Francis Miville says:. InnerCynic says:. Mike Tre says:. Che Guava says:. You have done a marvellous job! It is in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.

There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

When I originally commented I clicked the "Notify me when new comments are added" checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

Appreciate it! Hi there, all the time i used to check website posts here in the early hours in the dawn, for the reason that i enjoy to learn more and more. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

Wertzuwachs eine investition

Kommentar melden. Wertzuwachs denk ich mal ist zu erwarten bei vielen 80er, 90er Jahre Autos die. Mehrheitlich sind aber selbst bei Risikoinvestitionen nur eher geringe maximale Gewinne umsetzbar. Oldtimer als Investition Wertanlage. Vor dem Kauf sollten Sie den durchschnittlichen Bodenrichtwert in Stadtprozelten mit dem vorliegenden Kaufpreis vergleichen. Not sure if they are aware of my intrusion, so not listing the site yet. Prices were different based on if the victim was a boy, girl, white, black, and age etc.

Okay guys, how should I leak this? Should I just post the child porn? Is that even fucking legal? And if I don't login within 24hours tell my family I loved them. If I were Soros and trying to steer people away from pizzagate, I would post a link to CP saying it's "evidence" and have the FBI bust everyone who's getting too close to the truth.

Looks like the client list and price list will be updated in 2 hours, via this post. The fact the website for the pizza place has been taken down does lend credence to the post. Whistle-blower's next submission will need some definitive proof connecting the lists to the pizza joint, otherwise it may be a disgusting troll. Why would any user troll something that can land you in prison, I don't know.

Why did the previous guy say he hacked the info and this new guy is saying they obtained through social contacts? OP's sense of opsec is good, this is someone who knows what they're doing is dangerous. Appropriate level of paranoia too. This gives me a strong indicator that this is something serious and we should track this matter's pulse.

It would be very easy to make a fake post with some pedo material acquired over the net, to stir up shit in forums. Not sure what the point would be to do that. This kind of data needs to go to a leaker organization, like Wikileaks if it wasn't compromised.

There are alternatives out there. There's also pedobestiality and kids getting amputated These monsters need to be killed in the most excruciating manner. It was not a hack but they socially engineer their way into the files.

They were tipped by an anonymous 3 letter agency. Pizzagate Update: David Seaman Seaman is on fire in this video post. If you want your moral backbone strengthened, watch it! PizzaGate is not a joke. It is real. Satanists claim to draw energy from their victims, the younger and more innocent, the better. Seaman argues that Hillary Clinton's ill health is proof that the "magic" of Satanism does not work. The Illuminati, or the Satanic cult at the heart of this scandal believes that the occult magic they employ only works if you reveal, albeit cryptically, your actions and intentions to the masses.

It's an occult or symbolic revelation, like promoting the symbol of pizza everywhere as cultural icons like Miley Cyrus and many "respected" business establishments do. To the lay person, the symbol just represents "pizza. That is why such artifacts as the Georgia Guidestones, that call for the culling of the planet's 8 billion people, down to million, should be taken seriously.

The lay person, the lazy people who don't want to think critically, will just laugh at the message calling it "preposterous. These Satanic occultists communicate to the masses via symbols. Hence their need to control the music and movie industries where all their dark symbols can be packaged attractively for us.

Conditioning of the public to accept the elites' Satanist pasttimes. Cultural icon giving "pizza" to little girls, asking them if they want to have a "pizza party" with adults. Katy Perry giving "pizza" to young girls at her concerts :. Interesting how Perry sprinkles glitter on the pizza before handing it to the child. Symbolic of the date rape drug commonly used by pedos? The game that is played here is propaganda, the NWO conditioning to accept a depraved and rootless belief system, that is "hidden in plain sight.

The occult practicioners derive satisfaction, "get off," if you will, from fucking us over right in front of our eyes without our being aware of it. That is what "occult" really is. Pizza, used this way, is like a Trojan Horse. It seems normal, acceptable, so we let down our guard and bring it into our beings.

The media sets up superstars like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to be role models, objects of adoration for children and adolescents. Then, when these idols are firmly entrenched in the nation's psyche, the occult controllers laden them with malignant messages and symbols.

The secret handshake at resembles the symbol of Thelema. From wiki: The law of Thelema is "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. Many hacked emails from John Podesta and others reveal coded pedophile langage. For example:.

This is where it starts to get weird, and I will try to bring in only the most relevant evidence. He acted as a chief of staff to Bill Clinton. He is not an elected official, but it is clear he has real influence in American politics. In the emails, you will read that this Comet location seems to be a hot spot, serving as a fundraiser location for both Obama and Hillary Clinton. First suspicious activity is merely its location.

Check out these FBI issued known pedophilia symbology:. Pedophilia enterprises that front as normal businesses, all related to James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Hillary Clinton.

Where Is Julian Assange? May 11, Michael Ratner, WikiLeaks' chief counsel, dies of cancer. October 16, John Kerry visits the U. October 16, Julian Assange's internet connection is severed. October 17, A WikiLeaks volunteer tweets that Julian is okay. The tweet is now deleted.

October 18, London airport evacuated due to "chemical fumes. October 21, Heavily armed police seen outside the Ecuador embassy. October 23, WikiLeaks Twitter account tweets a poll asking how best to prove Assange is alive.

People ask for a video and none is provided. November 5, RT releases an interview with Assange. However, the video is edited. Also, Assange never comments on recent events. November 12, Swedish prosecutors arrive at Ecuador embassy, but Assange's lawyer is barred from attending. The meeting was conducted with an Ecuadorian ambassador not face to face. The election is over and Assange's internet is not restored. There is no proof of life despite many requests from supporters.

Is he okay? Keep fighting! WikiLeaks personnel receive National Security Letters and gag orders and have their computers and devices confiscated. Thirteen of 15 personnel are missing. Do NOT send leaks or hacked materials to Wikileaks as the infrastructure is no longer under WikiLeaks control and you will be identified and targeted. A last option, involving travel, is being undertaken by one WikiLeaks staffer who is violating his gag order, and may be killed for doing so.

The TOR network, which provides for annonymity on the web, has been compromised, with exit nodes controlled by intelligence agencies. Brock is the king of the DNC's and Soros's massive online trolling campaigns. For more information check out:.

A bit on Peter Thiel's push to patent transfusions of blood from youngsters to rejuvenate old elites. Lock up the all implicated in the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clintons and even "innocent" Chelsea. You need to have a little more faith. I enjoy reading the comments at the fake media sites like wapoop and the people aren't buying their narrative.

They already know who the fake news outlets are. The MSM. If you look around, the protests have disappeared, the people are getting back to life, Christmas and how to pay their bills.

The news wants to stir everybody up, but they have miscalculated. They have compressed the interest cycle until people stop caring in a week and one-half. There ARE forces at work for good in this world and they are just as capable as any other, hopefully more so. If we show our neighbors love and compassion, it could become quite infectious, as will our beliefs and integrity.

We are the greatest influence on our society and it scares the powers to death we will realize it. I watched it all now. I don't like your arrogance, smugness, and defensiveness. But good luck with your new platform. I agree that there is risk in covering PizzaGate.

You and Alex Jones have financial interests that could be jeopardized by lawsuits. Private bloggers and VOAT posters have less at risk and therefore more freedom. We are the trail blazers that more established sites like you need. We break new ground and make it safe for you to follow. To simply not cover PizzaGate is not an option. Bill Clinton visits Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island 27 times without security detail, just with personal confidant, Brand. I watched this yesterday and was moved by several things that leapt up at me as new and important.

One is a ten-story tall mural of a decapitated, gutted, and genitally mutilated body hung up by wires that bind it's ankles, streaming blood to the street below. Another is a two-story tall depiction of a boy with his head held to the ground and a knife to his throat held by an expensively attired man.

SGT Report makes a comparison between the gutted body and an identical image from a scene in the horror movie, "Hostel Part 2," where a college student is kidnapped and strung up by her ankles, hanging directly over a large bathtub-like structure whereupon a wealthy woman disrobes and proceeds to bathe in the blood that splatters down upon her as she strikes the victim, from her recumbent position, with a scythe.

SGT Report goes on to discuss the story of the Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Bathory born , who is reported to have tortured and killed young girls, bathing in their blood to maintain her youth. Accused of having killed girls, was she part of a broader network? Why would inhabitants want a story decapitated, mutilated, blood-dripping body hanging upside down on the outside of their apartment building?

Why would children walking to school wish to see a little boy screaming in fear, with head forced to the ground and a knife to his throat by a wealthy man? How is this elevating the moral aspirations of society? Hamamoto loudly and repeatedly, even as the professor was in the middle of sharing some extraordinary things. Hamamoto describes the Podesta brothers' penchant for "transgressive" art. I had never heard this term before, which means edgy and violating social norms.

So now child rape is cool simply because it violates social norms? Such an anti values value system assuredly spells the destruction of civilization. If not trust, respect, and industriousness, would we rather have a group held together by abuse, force, and deceit?

It's preposterous! I went to Hamamoto's school, and I remember all the cafes full of deconstructionist poseurs wearing black leather late at night pounding caffeine drinks, smoking cigarettes, engaged in interminable mental masturbation, denying Nature's and Spirit's wisdom from growing within them.

It is these lost and deluded people who develop intellectual paradigms to justify their degrading behavior. As if penning an intellectual category of "transgressive" gives it any legitimacy! But that is what they believe: "I think, therefore I am," or, "We dropped the bomb because we could. I think it was Camille Paglia who criticized this decadent post-morality, post-gender world view as an artificial construct that presaged the fall of civilization. I would have to agree with her.

Hamamoto describes the rollout of the 5G network in the Berkeley area and that this, too, contributed to the kind of mind control and madness that was on display at the recent campus riots that shut down the lecture by conservative gay activist Milo Yianniopolis. I've been in the bowels of UC Berkeley 's psychology department where I was in restricted areas where I saw primates with electrodes attached to their skulls.

It was disgusting. Who knows what is going on there? Perhaps the 5G puts us in a more suggestible mental state, so that media propaganda viewed on televisions and smart phones is more effective.

Or perhaps the 5G works synergistically with transmissions delivered via smart phones and other devices? I would have liked Alex to have given Hamamoto more time to flesh his thoughts out on this subject. This past Saturday I spent probably four hours poring over various blog posts and Twitter threads regarding what is being called "Pizza Gate," a criminal, cannibalistic, "spirit cooking," child sex trafficking enterprise revealed in Wikileaks' data dump of tens of thousands of emails to and from President Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff and campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, John Podesta.

Integral to such greenlighting or approval is that the cabal "owns" you: They can destroy your reputation and career at any moment they choose, with the release of certain private video footage or other compromising information that had previously been unknown to the public.

In the month since the release of Podesta's emails, thousands of online researchers have been making some very damning connections.

Some researchers have been killed. The plot is very thick. You could make an entire career out of this subject, as the web of occultism, blackmail, child trafficking, sex abuse, murder and the like are part of a spiderweb of corrupting influence that has affected just about every aspect of our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. The spiritual takeaway here is that spiritual development must be grounded in morality. If you want your own children to achieve their fullest potential, then be kind and supportive of the children of others.

In all tyrannies, you have one group of people for whom one set of laws applies, and another group, a subservient underclass, who must follow a different set of laws.

The USA once had a chance, as the sole superpower, to promote peace throughout the world. But instead, it used its power and influence to lock developing nations in servitude, and force corporate control over the rest, bringing the planet several steps closer to a unified, fascist, new world order.

Pizzagate demonstrates that people, unrestrained by human laws or common decency, can resort to corrupting, sadistic practices. With no meaningful limits to their conduct, people can and do engage in the most brutal behavior. Not all, but some. These transgressions become a plague upon society that infects and compromises the body politic, the soul of the nation.

A nation and its people must make every effort to root out such abuse. A nation aligned with its spiritual purpose, must adhere to some form of charity and reciprocity that apply to all of its citizens, and with the other nations with which it has dealings.

However innumerable sentient beings are, I vow to save them. However inexhaustible the defilements are, I vow to extinguish them. However immeasurable the dharmas are, I vow to master them.

However incomparable enlightenment is, I vow to attain it. I will direct you to several other websites if you wish to explore this matter further. Please assist in getting the word out regarding child sex trafficking among Washington, D. These are criminal sociopaths who have violated their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution -- our covenant with God -- and they have yet to be held to account.

The Queen wears for the occasion a pizza brooch! The show is a biography about the youth of Marina Abramovic. In one picture she drinks wine with another elite, Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund, which sits just below the Bank of International Settlements at the top of the financial pyramid. Neither organization is subject to the rule of law -- just understandings among sociopaths.

OhRutherfordBehave: My god, even if you scratch the surface with someone on pizzagate, its not like you would ever get around to this. All this does is fuck with the people like us that know all about pizzagate and make us realize it even more, while most people are walking around have not realized the paradyme shift we have experienced since we found out about pizzagate. Well people, we need to start thinking about life after pizzagate. If we don't see all offenders go down, including the elites on which we have irrefutable proof, we can no longer validate our government or our justice system.

The law applies to everybody, and in my opinion, it applies in a much greater extent to those who uphold the law. Their right to uphold the law must extend from their own righteousness. What we are seeing now is a sick sick twist of humanity, and if they are victorious, humanity will surely lose. The good will cease to reproduce, and those who torture, rape, kill, and eat will be the ones to reproduce, all while culling a slave race, I might add.

If we do not see justice for pizzagate, we shall no longer validate your justice system for it would be impossible to validate a system of justice which enables the predation and torture of children. If we do not see what is in Hillary Clinton's 33K emails and Anthony Weiner's K emails we shall no longer validate your system of justice because it justifies a system of humans which are "above the law".

Hillary, you are not above the law. You will hang. SpikyAube: Yes this is a question of our survival as a species, and a question of breaking free from tyrannical rule by the most malformed and depraved of our kind.

When I think of all the poor young men and women who are right now languishing in prison for things like drugs or stealing a car or even just for stealing something from a shop, or basically for all sorts of petty crimes, and then think of what these monstrous creatures get up to and get away with and it's SO unjust my blood boils so hard its a wonder it hasn't all evarporated. I feel like we should break out everyone who is in any prison or jail other than maximum security.

How many prisoners were trying to expose this stuff and got lied about and incarcerated as a result? I read the other day about a case in Britain where a woman is still being held in prison without trial, without knowing what evidence there is against her or even what the charges are, just for speaking out about the elite pedophile problem. What we have is worse than anything I could have imagined, it's worse than all the dystopian futures presented in books and film, because they get us to vote for them, to freely give them our money and our labour, they get us to fight wars for them and to defend them when a victim comes forward with their claims - the people trust them over others they have more in common with, over others who have no reason to lie.

In most dystopian novels or films, TPTB steal peoples' souls, their heart, their money, emotions, and acquiesence to laws, but in our nightmare world they steal reality itself from us, they steal and manipulate our very will, so that we end up willing what in reality we would abhor.

It is quite possible that not much will come of all these pedo arrests etc, and the global pedo ring will carry on spinning its dark web - hopefully there are too many people who understand now what is happening, but getting people organised when there is so little trust about who is and isn't legitimately on the side of the children makes it really difficult.

Maybe watching some of those dystopian movies will help PG investigators come up with some ideas! Lileee I have thought the same way- what if nothing happens.

Just arresting pedophiles is not going to make this go away. The whole system has to come down. We are literally trying to take out a "religion" that has been going on for 's of years. I don't know how this is actually going to happen. Until recently most of society has just kinda sat back with the govt and said you don't bother me and I won't bother you.

Well at least I was like this. Of course that was until we found out that they eat babies. I never thought it would be this bad or this horrific. My dad was talking about this back in the 's and I thought he was crazy. I don't want to lose hope but sometimes it's hard to think this is really going to stop because it's so big. How do we stop this? I don't know. It's true- we've worked our asses off and paid our govt and those taxes have supported this.

I would really like to know how much of our hard earned money has gone to support "hotdog and pizza parties" or this orphanage or that one so they can have access to children.

How many lives have been lost in wars that Have been fought for nefarious reasons and for what? To have access to refugee children? Are we going to have another war to try and hide this shit? Is there any government in the world that is not involved?

They have played the average citizen well- worldwide. I get so pissed off. I cry. I just don't want to loose hope but there is no way that I could ever go back to sticking my head in the sand and excusing the government or people from this. Just wanted to address your last paragraph. I believe that something is happening at an energetic level with all this knowledge that is coming to the surface.

Many people are becoming aware yes, and many still are not. This causes a shift within ourselves and has an impact on the environment around us.

We are going through a paradigm shift, geopolitically, and our current leaders are attempting to control and direct that transformation, perhaps even alchemically. However, there are many more of us than there are of them. We have a unique opportunity at this point in history, I can feel it.

The one major weakness that I have noticed is that as people 'awaken' they then look for new leaders in new movements, and this is how they are then trapped, rounded up and lead into another field of dreams, all carefully stagemanaged.

Be wary of bright young things that appear on the horizon, constantly talking about this new 'movement', who start up new alternative media outlets that are destined for overnight success. The new 'fake' leaders have been planted and are slowly gathering their sheep. Important to discover one's own sovereignty, own it and take responsibility for the life that we create around us. Think about the average girls and boys!

How filth and poison in TV is hammered into our minds, as if it was normal! All the worshipped egoism comes at a price.

I always believed, that many people just are that way. But since I learn about PG I learned how everything seems globally infested. My impression is, that all the sick and upside down stuff promoted as being normal and cool in the media i. They're shoving this shit in our faces! Podestaisapedo: Good examples. And here is her very own wine.

You see the sun Representative of Lucifer the morning star which has 6 rays. A beheaded woman. Glass of blood. Blue hand to signify their blue blood, which is touching the tail of a snake with an apple for a head. It's a perversion or a mocking of the Catholic blessing. Catholics eat the sacramental waffer to represent the flesh of Christ and drink wine to represent his blood.

They have swapped the wafer for pizza and the wine with the actual blood of raped and murderd children. Also they don't use a pizza it's always a slice. Dauphin: What they do is terrify, torture, and rape little children By terrorizing them, two things can be accomplished. The children release adrenaline into their pure blood which is then drunk upon the child's death giving the person a "high. It's all lies though TL;DR: Pizza not only is a triangle, it literally represents a circle "a pure child or mind" being split up into triangles Gorillion: I totally buy this.

It's exactly what a subversive artist would come up with. Simultaneous mockery and hijacking of the concept of transubstantiation. WHY would they be wearing a pizza broach? Bad judgment in wake of things? Poor taste because why? I dont get it other than Pedophile Satanic Child Abusers.

From:elmendorf teamsubjectmatter. From: John Podesta [mailto:john. I've been researching how the District Of Columbia, the City of London, and Vatican City are all extra-judicial zones where the rule of law does not apply. They might have certain rules they follow, but those rules don't apply to us, and their "rules" can be suspended or revised as necessary to suit the needs of those in control of these lawless zones.

The paranoid exclamation, "It's all a lie! The more you look into various matters, the more you will come to understand that the vast majority of so-called "truth" you have been forced to swallow is in fact not true at all.

Who's in charge? The Jesuits? The Rothschilds? I am not sure. Did you know that the rights outlined in the U. Did you know that the United State's Constitution is the only such charter in the entire world where citizen rights are recognized to be divine in nature and cannot be abrogated by the state?

Did you know that Catholicism forbids their Jesuit order from serving as Pope, yet the current Pope is a Jesuit? Did you know that the current Pope has decreed that one-world government is good, genetically modified organisms are A-okay, and that extra-terrestrials can receive the sacrament?

That's right: no one in England actually owns their property. They are renters. Did you know that the Queen, through her Secretary General, can dissolve the elected parliaments in any of her 90 countries, as she has done on several occasions? The USA might have started free, but through bankruptcy, international banker fraud, etc. They also funded both sides of WW2. The bankers cannot abide by peace as war forces everyone into debt.

Our "enemies" are almost always manufactured to suit the bankers' needs. I could go on and on here. As time allows I will provide some salient eye-opening video links to explain the above; but the point of identifying this rather large rabbit hole is to explain why child sex trafficking continues and many of the parties involved appear untouchable.

There is a supra-governmental power structure that is indeed above the law. Anyone who threatens this structure will likely be killed or otherwise neutralized via threats, reputation destruction, financial ruin, et cetera. An associate of pizzagate researcher Titus Frost hacked into Comet Ping Pong and Pizza's "private" section of their website some time back and uncovered child porn.

He downloaded the videos and other information and gave it to the DC Metro Police. In the following months nothing has happened. The shop's owner, James Alefantis, is free as a bird.

Meanwhile, this hacker has had his car demolished in a hit and run though parked in a cul-de-sac and has received death threats. The fact that this is going on in Washington D. I'd say you need look no further than the Khazar Rothschilds. It's important to know what we the people are up against. There are trillions of dollars, thousands of paid enforcers, a corrupt anti-human governance structure, and a terrifying world view aligned against the spark of freedom that resides in all human beings.

I was just doing some research on the Wikileaks Podesta Email that likely depicts a "wet works" assassination of Justice Antonin Scalia. This, and all the hundreds of Podesta and other Wikileaks emails demonstrates "probable cause" for a formal investigation leading to criminal indictments against all these parties. If AG Sessions wants to know what really happened and prosecute guilty parties, the NSA has all the phone records, texts, and other communications stored and warehoused at their facility in Utah.

What Podesta has been up to, and what Alefantis has been up to, is stored there. All that law enforcement has to do is request that information, or send in Federal Marshalls to seize it. Justice will and should be served unless our "government" is covering up for a class of people who consider themselves above the law. You 'chattel' will forget about this by tomorrow and by then you will be focused on more entertainments.

Second, if China is such a wonderful place why defect. Where does this Mulga live anyway? His English, is far too good for China. I suspect he lives in America.

The Chinese are smart says Mulga but I say bollocks. It is planned and prepared. Concerted propaganda. Ferguson and Fauci. WHO declaring pandemic. Big-Pharma contracts with governments. Diminishing religious faith. Desperate clinging to material life. With the JAB as saviour.

Although it realizes that by destroying the very body it feeds on it is also destroying itself yet that end does not prevent its greed for reproduction. Most US citizens are well aware where the tumour lies and its progress. For those who have the interest I made a short video illustrating the thesis above regarding the possibility that US is suffering a malignant tumour in three areas.

The three areas are the war machine, wall street, education. It is not about the supposed virus or the disease,. Not all Jews are totalitarians and not all totalitarians are Jews. So why push that particular angle so much. There are conspiracies and then there are conspiracies, the latter, the conspiracies of intent, are the most dangerous.

You do not have to be Jewish or love Jews to be a psychopath. They have to bring into it their personal prejudices that distract from the reality of what is going on. So he can pass more laws? So he can further increase the federal budget and size of the federal government? It is an absolute fact that the virus comes from a lab, no doubt about it. We hear that it has never been isolated and purified — but why? Because it contains HIV string incorporated into genome hand made, in a lab. This plandemic is a next Jewish plot against humanity, this time of worldwide range.

In some caves, there are colonies of millions of bats, rubbing against each other and saturating the air with their breath. From time to time one of these mutations is adapted to these mustelids. And then, after other mutations, some of them appear which are able to contaminate humans. The defection goes both ways, my friend.

It could be a misdirection after Ron Unz and others were able to publicize their Ft Detrick leak theory. The genie was out of the bottle and they had to jump on it. We could end up in science fiction territory here if countries begin using biological agents against each other.

Personal, religious and medical exemptions have been deleted; informed consent is no longer required. Refusal will lead to arrest, property confiscation and imprisonment. These problems of our people can be summed up in the words of Robert McNamara, when he was president of the World Bank. There is no other way.

The Covid plot goes back decades if not longer. First get people scared of the sun, which is their primary source of Vitamin D. Tell them eating animal products that just happen to be sources of zinc and Vitamin B is going to kill your heart. Then send everyone to college to become a trained parrot with attitude. It is mind boggling to me that anyone trusts the medical establishment at this point.

Yet they do, and they compound their foolishness by trusting the government. Go figure. Colbert appeals to liberals. Liebowitz was anointed long ago as a lefty saint. So what are they telling their legions of disciples? War on China? The jab is the weapon. China uses the same Jewish bankers the rest of the world uses. They are also slavishly obedient.

They got black folk and the jab for that. As for the left, they are quitting their televised programming now that orange man is gone. The powers need a boogeyman to reel them back in. Because the media outlets say so? Good article, AA. You treat the Corona scam with the scorn it has always deserved — a transparent hoax, thoroughly gamed and planned well in advance in elite circles.

The trusting public in the undeveloping Western world swallowed it hook, line, sinker. The slow learners indoctrinated by slick media propaganda and nightly salvoes of dodgy official statistics now brag to one another about getting their mRNA jabs just so they can resume normal life. It never occurs to them that the real prophylactic kicks in only when they unplug their television sets. Some people want to believe that the revival of idle chatter about a Wuhan lab virus is supposed to rally the great unwashed for a confrontation with supposed rival China.

Are they too confused to notice that their own hostile governments acting in concert have already used the mysterious virus caper to wreck their own small businesses, put millions out of work, cancel basic freedoms, sow racial strife, discredit the traditional political system and rejigger society in the interest of corporate oligarchs? Our real adversary is much closer to home. Articles like yours serve to wake people up.

Hate, especially of your own kin, is a typical Jewish virtue taught explicitly by the Rabbi Jesus. Kinda tickles my funny bone. Was that the only reason? China seemed like a good place to go regardless of who ascends to power as the face of the Establishment.

Opium was the product of the Indian Subcontinent and the then Sacklers were the Baghdadi Jews who produced it in India using forced labor and shoved it down the unwilling Chinese throats with British military might.

Maybe he was drunk but I will have a hard time seeing humor there ever again. Jon LIEbowitz is trying to divert the heat from the obvious instigator of this corona hoax, which is muh Israel. I never wrote that the red Chinese were stupid. Have no worries, friendo, the Chinese consider themselves superior to other races, just like everyone else.

Passenger rail has been obsolete in The United States for almost 60 years, and no one wants it to return for many very good reasons. For a long year the only part worth watching were the short opening skits. This author has his head screwed on backwards:.

Stripped everyone of their basic civil rights. Answer: Well established practices to contain deadly diseases have been in place for well over a century. Destroyed virtually all small businesses and independent livelihoods. Answer: People who support a Laissez-faire economy unregulated Libertarian Capitalism , were responsible for the decline of mom and pop businesses all over this country long before the military industrial complex supported research led to another pandemic outbreak, like the plague and the lyme disease outbreak and the post anthrax attack.

If you believe Mr. Unz, 4 out of 4 outbreaks are a direct consequence of operating these labs. If you do not believe his theory, its at least 3 out of 4, but could still be 4 out of 4.

Forced Donald Trump out of office. Answer: Donald Trump is a conman who was able to fool some of the people all the time, but not all of the people all the time.

Shut down international travel. Instituted a total electronic control grid police state. Answer: Much of it in accordance with Trump dictates in support of police violence, particularly against all progressive causes.

Institutionalized inexplicable coerced gene therapy injections. Answer: Trump bypassed regulations in support of a fast track vaccine development program.

It is one of his greatest successes, but not one that comes with zero risk. It is the only reason our economy is now in recovery, for which he is not receiving fair credit. Instead Biden has received more credit than he deserves. Accustomed people to systematic dehumanization and depersonalization for the sake of the greater good.

Answer: Welcome to our capitalist world wherein human beings are reduced to just another commodity, unless they are wealthy. Manipulated the social order on a massive scale, leading to divorces, race riots, and other human problems. Answer: Paranoia strikes deep, into our lives it will creep. Launched a global campaign to fight against global warming, which will include more of everything else on this list. Answer: What is the scientific consensus regarding global warming?

Why do Republicans deny its existence? Republicans play the deadly game of politics for their wealthy donors just like the democrats.

The difference is Republicans put the constitutional rights of Corporations above the constitutional rights of human beings. That is why McConnell pushed for a law which would deny every American the right to sue their employer for instituting policies which made them sick and dead, as has frequently occurred in meat packing plants.

Black people have always been poor, they have always committed extreme amounts of violent crime. Answer: Well if OJ were representative of all black people the author would be half right, but that is hardly the case. Pretending that all poor people, black or not, who must work harder for less are lazy, is just one more example of how Republicans play the deadly game of politics.

The saddest thing for me about the CoronaHoax is that it dispelled any illusion that Americans were any different than other people in the world. The American rugged individualist very obviously, is on the endangered species list. I read sites like Unz.

It has become a cheerleader for Chinese tyrants. It is irrelevant where is was released from. Were Americans involved? The pandemic is a deliberate attempt involving many countries to bring on a world authoritarian government run by elitist technocrats. If the plan works they will also cull the heard in the process. Why are we arguing about which group of tyrants is more responsible for this atrocity? What we should be talking about is how we are going to stop it.

The game would have ended way before The game will end closer to than Shoot the WEF has the date pegged by Things are going ahead of schedule, especially if vaccines become mandatory as they are in most of Russia. None of them Saudis. All of them Zionists.

Until Mr. I remember laughing about something he wrote about a white trash woman who was worried about the human rights abuses of the Uyghurs. It was funny stuff. Today is the day to remember Basically, on September 11, , some Moslems flew some planes into our buildings in New York, and they blew up.

Probably, the Moslems were working for Jews, but who knows. Anyway, after that, we invaded a bunch of different countries. A vile whore of zion, whose stench as a human being is as foul and loathsome as the men who committed that beyond-heinous crime. Personal anecdote. That it was a group of rabbis came as a complete surprise to me, no less than if it had been a group of retired truck drivers, and exposed a previously unsuspected component of the immigration issue.

Ah, the innocence of youth. Jon Stewart joined in the media attacks that followed, including a particularly nasty bit in which my picture was displayed with a Hitler mustache superimposed. Fast forward to the presidential election of Bush had just been reelected.

I got a call from a producer at the Daily Show asking whether I would come on. I believe the topic was all the celebrities who had promised to emigrate to Canada if Bush won. I declined and told him I was in Washington. I declined again. First class? There was a disappointed pause. I told him I would check and get back to him.

I called the producer back and said, yes there was someone right there in the East 30s and he was available. Um, Mr. We should consider the possibility that many countries have collaborated to develop this bioweapon, and not only one as many suppose. Yes, Letterman actually had a daytime show in that was canceled after a few months.

Being a pompous asshole was part of the shtick and what made Letterman funny. Lots of people must have agreed because his how sure was popular back in the day. Letterman was certainly funnier than what we have now and was definitely funnier than Leno. Johnny Carson vs. Hmm, close one there. Someone else mentioned Chappelle. Chris Rock gets a slight edge, I suppose, for his minstrel bugeye faces and screechy voice delivery, but he sucks too.

Whites who laugh at knigbo comics need their head examined. One time, just to see what the hype was about. One thing that recent pic of Jonny Boy shows—we all get the face that we deserve.

Boy, I wish I had those nostrils full of nickels. The U. This included destroying the livelihoods of millions of Americans. Ho hum. I too feel compelled to add my two bits to this debate about what really happened. Firstly, the virus is real. Both my wife and I had it and survived and I personally knew 3 people who died due to it. My theory is that it was developed in Fort Detrick in Maryland before Obama shut it down.

Yes, the lab was shut down for some months. And it was spread by someone embedded in the US Army team that visited Wuhan. The Wuhan Lab leak is a red herring. Ron Unz is mostly right. Of course only a Jew could get away with that. Richard Lewis, I never liked him for obvious reasons grin but he had one gig that was brilliant. Suppose you accept B. Logic demands that your better alternative is B. Covid does not exist , it has never been isolated, therefore it does not exist, it is a illusion created from the demented, demonic minds of the WEF, the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations , the central banks of the world including the FED, the WHO, UN Agenda and the globalist controlled corporations of the world, and they are the ones who rolled out this scam and psyop in one fell swoop on the world.

This illusion works better than if it were a real virus, for a real virus could get out of hand and kill some people that the globalists did not want to kill and also with an illusion as many variants as they want can be conjuered up to run their scam and psyop , aka the Indian fake virus and soon to come many , many more, as needed.

This illusion is used to create fear and hysteria in the people of the world and get them to take the injections of mRNA, which alters the DNA and destroys the immune system and thereby acts as a genocide depopulation agent, which is the bottom line purpose to the illusion and the scam and psyop.

The Wuhan story is a lie and a diversion to give credence to the lie of the illusion and psyop and this is the reason that the Wuhan lie is being pushed so hard, for many people are starting to wake up to the fact that this covid is an illusion and a depopulation agenda.

The injections are killing thousands and injuring thousands and it is an experimental genocide agenda, the Nazis had to put people in rail cars and ship them to their execution, but the globalists via the covid illusion have people lining up to commit suicide, this is a demonic, draconian, diabolical agenda.

Your comment brings to mind an old joke. It truly is despicable that the least essential people on the planet who have never worked a day in their life, dictate to us which workers are essential. The Global Homo Networks have hundreds of bagel souls like Jon Leibovitz under contract from hell ready to perform at a moments notice. What did they expect when you sell your soul to the devil for sheckles to dolllar. Letterman was on top of his game up until he hosted the Academy Awards.

That and the fact that he had a quadruple bypass a few years later also had something to do with him not being as funny wry grin. Leno started out flat, probably karma for not thanking or mentioning Carson when he took over. They had quite a few good years of competition after that. I always wanted to like Leno but I would usually end up watching Letterman more of the time. A reliable indicator of character. Compare Ellen Degenerate. The destruction of those statues may have been a western operation to demonize the Taliban so that we might be more easily convinced to blame them for what was a homegrown ZOG operation.

Its the use of the virus whatever its origin by the elites to destroy our liberty that should be the focus here.

Christian Eriksen, the footballer who collapsed on the pitch last week at the Euros, has been diagnosed with myocarditis, and has had a defibrillator surgically implanted. A film you are offered popcorn to munch in front of is always a B-series movie. In other countries than USA there two kind of movie theatres, with popcorn and candies, for cheap American style productions, or with coffee and pastries sold and allowed only in the lobby, for cine-club level productions.

No popcorn is munched in front of truth. What kind of evil have we allowed these subhuman overlords to become? We are now nothing more than nonessential lab rats on a global scale. Why must heterosexuals be infected? So whether the chicoms are good or bad is irrelevant. The destruction done by the governments around the world, to everybody in those nations, is on them and them alone…. He steadfastly denies that its unsafe or even experimental. I never thought that someone so rational at one time could flip and become a kool-aid drinking zombie.

I find the crowd thats continually fellating Trump to be annoying as hell. They make the man sound Olympian when all he did was bellow and continuously tweet his BS then walk it all back. Its disgusting. Properly so. They fought against us in Korea using former Nationalist troops and killed off millions of their own in their lunatic spasms. Their support of the Khmer Rouge was just vile.

Do I think the CCP has moved past those times to some degree? And our disgraceful, malicious abandonment of our own people.

Leibowitz looks like a love child of Michael Douglas aka Danielovitch and a random SouthPark character. There is nothing special about respiratory viruses. It has to be the biggest fucking failure of a bioweapon ever conceived; past, present, or future.

It managed to kill… who exactly? Oh yeah! Really old people who were already sick. I mean, gosh golly gee willickers… it was like the Bubonic Black Passover-caust! I mean forget tuberculosis — which kills a million a year, this motherfucking corona virus was so deadly it killed the fucking FLU virus! But put your mask on, citizen, or some fatty with a badge will come stomp your face in.

Jews and Chinese are BFFs. Like that made the SA government complici. When the reality is that Alquada and the US backed Saudi regime were enemies. Which is why we were attacked; support of the SA regime for below market oil which helped us win the cold war, military bases in their holy land, and US support of ME dictators generally as well as the first gulf war and US vetoes at the UN that would have brought a modicum of justice to the Palestinians.

Osama was not a fundie fanatic and Alquada was not out to force Islam on the world or the US. We were not minding our own business that glorious sept morn. They saw themselves s freedom fighters. Not all blacks are criminals and not all criminals are black but you would have to be a total moron to walk into just about any neighborhood that has a high concentration of blacks.

According to the data furnished by the Soviet Press, out of important functionaries of the Bolshevik State, including the above-mentioned, there were in , 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Czech, 1 Karaim, and Jews. However, OJ maintains absolute radio silence on the depravity of the Bolsheviks. Genrick Yagoda, a Jew, killed more Christians in the Soviet Union than the Germans killed in their eastern conquests but good luck finding the documentary or museum on the National Mall that tell that story.

The poisonous Frankfurt School was a Jewish enterprise and then there are attitudes such as this:. Link Takeaway facts: former chief rabbi, largest funeral ever in Israel.

To say that all Jews are not totalitarians [or supremacists] obtusely, I think, ignores this tiny slice of the record of Jews among Christians or in their own backyard. The statues were destroyed in retaliation for an NGO going to Afghanistan to clean up the ancient statues. When the Taliban told them that their war raged people were hungry and to give them a million dollars in exchange for their right to clean up ancient statues, the NGO refused saying they were there to clean ancient Budhist statues not to feed the afghan people.

Betcha that ngo wished they had paid them. All the governments knew that this virus was circulating as early as november Yes they were all in on it waiting for the perfect time to carry out those lockdown measures. All those pandemics simulations carried out throughout and is just a glaring evidence they knew what was about to happen.

The problem is that the Wuhan lab leak theory was first concocted by a Mossad agent Dany Shoham. And also remember that Iran was one of the first Covid19 outbreaks. They may be BFF but to a certain extent. It seems to me that you would know that your comment was a troll. If not, go back and reread the Daily Stormer piece at the link you posted.

It seems obvious to me. As far as the Saudis, they seem to have played some part in it, in addition to the heavy hand of ZOG. This is a depopulation agenda and most people can not conceive or comprehend that there exist people who are so evil and so demented that they have a plan using the covid illusion and the injections to kill billions, but this in fact is the fact, we are facing a satanic kabal that is a demon possessed kabal in the governments of the world who are assassins on a global scale.

British Airways lost 4 pilots to the jab last week. Blood clotting is an intended side effect of the gene injection. I bet these guys died of heart blockages. The larger the plane, the more closely they monitor health. Comply and Die. Now the airlines are fucked. It takes years and years to go from single prop to double prop. The you transition from piston to turbine. I bet an ambitious guy in the armed forces needs 5 years to get near a 7 series equivalent plane. Only the wealthy will continue to fly.

Again: there is a virus that has not been isolated. In truth, it is probably just a type of influenza a or b. In tbe past, it was always very difficult to test for and indirect diagnosis via symptoms was a norm. Now tbe faux pcr test is treated as a gold standard? The goal was always to inject death. Then in fall there will be a famine when the food supply plummets. That will kill another million. Dont believe me? Gates jr owns , acres of land.

He will leave it fallow and let us die while he laughs. That money is OUR money. They are having us pay for our own starvation. Rurik, AA is a shill. He is indifferent to , the defining event of the 21st century that has bankrupted America while leaving Israel surrounded by bought and paid for Arab leaders and decapitated Arab nations. Iraq no longer really exists and is ripe for partition.

Libya, same. Egypt is a rotten, socialist hellhole on verge of collapse due to over population. Syrian in ruins. But to AA, none of that is important. Nothing to see. Everything to see and the basis for criminal proceedings and a Senate Investigation of Corona: Fakery and Lies.

Clearly, AA has thrown red meat, calling out corrupt Khazar vermin in America, and is now tossing red herrings. Just recently I see some senior Chinese official named Dong defected to the US…if China is such a wonderful place why defect.

Unfortunately, many people do. Daylight killers…The masks begin to fall off! Fauci, who accidentally promotes the vaccine! Two things stand out. Worst pandemic ever. To me these two guys were never ever anything more than simple entertainers, like say, Newhart or Mr Bean. Or glorified Court jesters if you will. And Stewart, a. Then this last retired, Trump came in and Colbert became from one day to the next a raging, mouth foaming anti-Trump extremist and propagandist.

He stopped been funny, well, even if lamely and formulaic funny as he was before, and his program became just a showcase for all the vitriol that any human mind could conceive in a sole and determined purpose: the destruction of the man in the White House. For those four years the guy looked completely changed, he was now utterly angry and hateful.

I never did and less now and so it is surprising to me that anyone could have ever considered them as serious political activists or even less analysts. Not in a thousand years. What is suspicious is that our Jew media said that it was a conspiracy theory and an impossibility for so long.

As for Iran, they were one of the first hit, but the impact has been middling compared to many other countries and just a little worse than Israel. If you buy into the idea that this was released on purpose, a bunch of white countries and a few South American ones were hit the hardest. China was barely affected at all. Accidental leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Natural origin close second. China released on purpose to shut down Hong Kong protests and weaken Western economies in cooperation with Western plutocrats to consolidate wealth 0r who just took advantage of the situation.

Israeli and U. YES, the countermeasures to the pandemic were asinine and counterproductive, did not work, and robbed rights. Masks and lockdowns were failures- this is not because of conspiracy, it is because leaders are incompetent. Likewise, the vaccines are not part of a conspiracy by a german company to inject microchips or kill people or any of the dozen other INSANE theories that get floated out here.

If it were a hoax there would be no issues in Brazil or Peru or Uruguay or any of a dozen other places I could name. In some nations C19 will be as severe as Spanish Flu was, on that order of magnitude. In most, no. It was an engineered virus that leaked. The WEST is who were crippled. The vaccines work, the mRNA stuff has been in development for more than 10 years.

Yes, they used the public as a live beta test. Yes these were not as safe as other vaxes, but NO vaccine is actually safe in the sense that people imply. But to assert that the vaccines are part of some global campaign of population control- excuse me, but BioNTech, which developed the Pfizer therapy is not part of some global cabal or the DOD or Fort Fucking Detrick.

Why is it so hard to believe that the Chinese were engineering viruses when Batwoman literally participated on such a project with Baric at UNC in ?? This one just happened to be worse. If China could wipe out the jews, they would wipe whites out too. Do not let your race realism of jews or blacks to blind you to race realism about Chinese. They may as well be asian jews; they act just fucking like them. Taiwan is NOT China.

This nation never in its history EVER had an expeditionary or blue water navy of any kind. Yet they CLAIM IT over and over again and people actually believe this Big Lie and act as if it is true merely because China adopts Jewish patterns of behavior they noticed these seem to work on white people. ALL probabilistic evidence points to the opposite as well- recent analysis shows codon sequences match what GoF researchers would use- there exist ZERO examples of these sequences in nature.

They do not exist in ANY wild coronavirus. Consequently a recombination event to add the FCS containing these sequences is not possible absent an infinitesimally unlikely accident of fate. Jesus was talking about the Judeofascist Hebrew establishment who had taken control of his tribe and eventually instigated his murder. Did he not have reason to hate the Judeofascists who he could see were plotting his murder?

That lab was shut down shortly after the virus outbreak in Fairfax County. Just a coincidence? Can autopsies be done on the people that died to see what killed them?

Funny that there is no investigation into this.

srbinside | Rimski bunar očarao Hičkoka

In Octoberwith the contest for U. Shocking evidence of political corruption involving the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Campaign, and the campaign's manager, John Podesta among many other partiesemerged. The media bias in support of Clinton and against any of her rivals was unprecedented. Never once have Wikileaks releases been proven to be fake.

These emails are forensically linked to the accounts and devices of the parties in question. No one has denied the validity of the emails. As researchers began to review the material, in addition to evidence of bribery "pay to play" and collusion, they found hundreds of disturbing emails that used what was obviously coded language. What was John Podesta doing misplacing a handkerchief with a pizza-related map on it? What was a Department of Justice child trafficking employee doing requesting some Haitian pizza with extra cheese?

Why was John Podesta excitedly anticipating enjoying the pleasures of sharing a hot tub with the daughters of an associate, ages 7, 9, and 11?

Researchers were intrigued and began to study the social media presence of people Lula bon tsukino patreon dump in the emails. Highly disturbing images and comments were found at Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: Images of children's coffins, 3 year old girls with their hands restrained in sexually suggestive positions, babies that were called retarded whores, price tags placed on babies, artwork featuring gang rapes of young children, music groups discussing approvingly of the sexual preference for young children, pedophilia symbolism everywhere, and so forth.

A pizza shop owner, and the 49th most powerful person in Washington, D. Alefantis is a high level democratic party operative, having met with the President several times in the past few years. The Clinton Foundation has a Haitian child rescue center across the street from Alefantis' pizza shop. There are reportedly underground tunnels connecting these facilities and possibly to the White House itself, as D.

Making matters even worse, John Podesta, and many of the other parties named in the emails, is involved in "spirit cooking," which is a Satanic, occult practice of feeding off the life force of others, especially young people. In public they paint with blood and semen, hold mock sacrifices, and even bake cakes in the form of children to be reverentially eaten. It is rumored that private ceremonies, attended by only inner circle initiates, can be shockingly real.

In corroboration of researchers' concerns, at the same time of the email releases, Wikileaks also released FBI documents that defined various pedophilia jargon and symbols that allow pedophiles to communicate without the referent of their discussions being obvious to the naive masses. The scandal pursued by the online research community became known as PizzaGate, as the pedophile lingo for underage sex is "pizza," and sex with a very young child is called, "cheese pizza.

Politically, many important things developed in November and December One is that parties named in the emails and social media postings were silent and either closed or set to private their media accounts.

Not once did any of these people attempt to defend or explain themselves. Another is that the Obama administration and major media launched a campaign against "fake news," stating their wish to shut down the websites that promoted outrageous conspiracy theories such as a child sex trafficking ring involving the Washington, D. Of course, the weak hit pieces put out by the Washington Post and New York Times did not print the text of the actual emails and social media posts, nor did they reproduce the irrefutably disturbing photographs.

Lula bon tsukino patreon dump corporate media created a strawman and proceeded to debunk it. At the same time, instead of focusing on the content of the revelations, the U. Finally, in an effort to prove the danger of "fake news," democratic operatives contrived a false flag shooting where an out of work crisis actor was employed to bring a rifle into Comet Ping Pong and Pizza, owned by James Alefantis, in a search for abused children, firing one round that suspicously destroyed nothing except Alefantis' computer hard drive.

The crisis acting continued into the evening, with a shady attorney stating that he was there with his three young children when the rifleman came in, angrily claiming that it was due to the "fake news" of the site Infowars that people were being incited to violence, this despite Infowars barely touching the subject due to fears of lawsuits or worse, and certainly not calling for an armed response.

I and other reasonable people who have reviewed the evidence are calling for an official investigation into PizzaGate by Lula bon tsukino patreon dump enforcement. The informal investigation to date has revealed much damning evidence. While there is a great deal of smoke here, no photos or testimonies of eye witnesses have been produced fingering John Podesta in actual acts of child sacrifices, or underage sex and lesser forms of abuse.

However, associates of Podesta e. There is more than sufficient circumstantial evidence to warrant a broad law enforcement investigation of PizzaGate. The common citizen does not have the legal authority to subpoena, wiretap, search computers, et cetera. I have no doubt that child sex trafficking occurs in Washington, D.

Such rings have been exposed and proven in other countries among their own political elite. The abuse is likely occurring as part of broader international intelligence agencies operations intended to compromise individuals in the service of particular agendas. It is probably a case of the fox guarding the hen house, with an overlay of occultism. Until the criminals are held to account, citizen Lula bon tsukino patreon dump and journalists must continue to expose as much about these illicit activities as possible, keeping the heat on Lula bon tsukino patreon dump controlled media and the political whores that populate D.

I am hopeful that the Trump administration entering office inwith Jeff Sessions as its Attorney General, will take some steps toward justice in this area. But for the targets of such an investigation, the stakes are literally life or death. Many would seek to assassinate Trump or Sessions rather than have any of the facts of this Satanic, sadistic pedophile Lula bon tsukino patreon dump face the light of day.

Lastly, as to why the likely perpetrators would behave so brazenly, you need to understand something about occultism. The power of occult practices is believed to lie in its being hidden in plain sight. The public lives with their "eyes wide shut," meaning they see things, but they are not really seeing them for what they truly are.

The symbols and language employed in Lula bon tsukino patreon dump have primary and secondary meanings. The secondary meanings are known only to a special group of people or initiates.

To the naive public -- the uninitiated -- something might appear to be an innocuous word or a common symbol. But for practicioners of the occult, the symbols and language mean something entirely different. The "joke" is on us because the occultists appear to be speaking plainly right in front of our eyes, but we actually have no idea what the actual import or meaning of what they say is.

The elites use pure physical force to control the masses only as a last resort. It is much better, in their view, to have us sleepwalk into our enslavement through various forms of trickery. Even better is for the masses to beg for their enslavement. As elite insider Aldous Huxley wrote, "A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.

Through a coordinated effort, and this effort is coordinated, a spell of ignorance is cast, much like how a spider anesthetizes Lula bon tsukino patreon dump prey. The elite take our ignorance -- our innocence -- as evidence of weakness. In their view our gullibility and lack of resistance grants them our consent to be abused.

Of course, this is a fraud on its face, but in the amoral world of the occultist, this is believed -- or at least willed -- to be true.

And in that lies the occultists' justification Lula bon tsukino patreon dump their evil deeds: "We told you and showed you what we were going to do, and yet you did nothing. We are weak, so we deserve to die. We should have known better, so the fatal consequence of our lack of vigilance is entirely our fault. If the elite were to be absolutely secret about what they were doing then their practices, they believe, would harm themselves and not just the objects of their abuse.

It is the belief of the occult practicioners that they will be spared the karmic blowback of their actions if they let us know in advance what they are going to do.

Our doing nothing in response to defend ourselves, in their view, is no fault of theirs. Lula bon tsukino patreon dump ensuing tragedy and suffering become our responsibility, not theirs, because they "warned" us. Of course this is another lie. The fact of the matter is that they do not legitimately warn us, and are in fact preying on our innocence through our lack of knowledge of the words and symbols they are using.

For the elites the "rule of law" is a quaint concept that applies only to the little people. For the elites, there is no natural law, no morality to which they are subject. There is no recognition Lula bon tsukino patreon dump karma, the golden rule, or what comes around goes around.

For the power-mad occultist, if the king does it, then it's the law, e. It doesn't matter. To the victor go the spoils, regardless of a lack of fair play.

So it's not just arrogance revealed in these emails and posts: It's the dangling of Satanic criminality in front of our eyes and the elites' perverted sense of entitlement and satisfaction that come from seeing what is good and humane do nothing in its own defense, providing the evil conspirators the fraudulent justification for innocence's and humanity's destruction.

The symbology of pizza laden with secondary sexual meanings pushed onto the unwashed masses via cultural icons. Child abuse raised to the level of "art" -- a rendering of the ugly and immoral as beautiful and aspirational, representing an inversion Lula bon tsukino patreon dump traditional, life-sustaining human values.

Pedophilia symbols catalogued by the FBI seen on pizza restaurants and other establishments that are part of the emerging pedo-friendly takeover of human culture. Greek god eating a child. PizzaGate: Just The Facts. Image links to much longer and more extensive list. Linked to at VOAT discussion board. The following are some highlights from the infographic. Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I immediately realized something was different by the shape of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the square shaped box.

Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them. Thank you so much. I hope you and your gang are well. I miss you both. Do you think I'll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta? They sacrificed to demons their own sons and daughters, shedding innocent blood, the blood of their own sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, desecrating the land with bloodshed.

They defiled themselves by their actions, became adulterers by their conduct. We read of a John Podesta associate offering him time in a hot tub with her Lula bon tsukino patreon dump daughters, ages 7, 9, and 11, promising that they will be "very responsive" to him.

Still in torture chamber. Mary, at another time, wrote a letter supporting clemency for a convicted pedophile. The infographic continues with the pedophilia symbol definition graphic from the FBI and a reposting of Comet Ping Pong's neighbor, Besta Pizza, with its triangle within a triangle boy-lover symbol business logo that was modified a few days after PizzaGate broke.

Instead, they somehow managed to steal the 5G, hypersonic weapons and quantum communication satellite from the US. But instead, it used its power and influence to lock developing nations in servitude, and force corporate control over the rest, bringing the planet several steps closer to a unified, fascist, new world order. Pretending that all poor people, black or not, who must work harder for less are lazy, is just one more example of how Republicans play the deadly game of politics. Do NOT send leaks or hacked materials to Wikileaks as the infrastructure is no longer under WikiLeaks control and you will be identified and targeted. I remember laughing about something he wrote about a white trash woman who was worried about the human rights abuses of the Uyghurs. There is no Lula bon tsukino patreon dump.