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If you want to be angry with someone, be angry at the EU, because this is not Patreon doing. This update will only affect the tier prices that new patrons see when they are paying in a currency that is different to your payout currency. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. In this episode of Recur Now, a soda subscription, a campfire with content, and a positioning pro.

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At the top of the tier editor, you can change the tier name, description, and benefits. If a tier doesn't have any. Key things to know about currency conversion; Converting your tier price; Earnings and Exchange Rates; Your. While logged in to your account, navigate to your page editor by clicking Edit page. · Select Getting Paid from the top menu. · In the "Payment schedule" section of. You can change your membership tier whenever you'd like. your new payment amount must be equal to or higher than the minimum price of your current tier. Payment processing fees cover the cost of all the things we do behind the scenes to collect Join ,+ creators changing the way their art is valued.

Chanhe to patreon rates. We actually experimented with three different service fee structures, all of which were higher than the 2.

Starting on December 18th, a new service fee of % + $ will be paid by patrons for each individual pledge. (To get into the details, existing. If you want to change or increase the cost of joining your Patreon page, what we call repricing, you're in the right place! They've. Patreon is also changing its payment processing fees to make sure it doesn't overpenalize smaller contributions, like creators' popular $1 per. Crowdfunding service Patreon is splitting its core service into "Lite," "Pro fee system in May, changing a more nebulous rate that Patreon has. A new Premium tier will introduce a higher fee than Patreon has exacted before: an 9 percent charge for existing creators and a 12 percent rate.

Tearing Down Patreon's Pricing

Starting on May 7th, new users will choose between three options. For 5 percent, they'll get the bare-bones Patreon Lite service without features. Patreon has announced a major deviation in its monetization model with 3 new membership plans that charge creators varying fees for Wary of blowback, however, Patreon is quick to stress that these changes won't impact.Chanhe to patreon rates As of the 18th, this all changes. Creators won't be charged a fee for payment processing, and will instead pay. Patreon makes money by siphoning some money off the top of a donation flow between supporters and creators. Because of the nature of its. I ultimately decided on Patreon because it offers the most price flexibility, utilitarian value exchange on the other — are hard to combine into a. Patreon formerly sought to alter its fee structure in , which left its creator community up in arms. That change, which marked a move away. Consistent and reliable payments every month. (Reliable as in you'll get your money on time, not as in the platform won't ever make changes to their fee structure.

Chanhe to patreon rates.

The relationship economy is here We will also notify you of this change via a pop-up in your Patreon account. This update will only affect the tier prices that new patrons see. Patreon will automatically convert your tier prices to our other supported currencies based on the exchange rate. When a patron pays in a different currency than I.

On Dec. 18, a new model will standardize that fee. Creators will only pay five percent of the processing fee, instead of the seven to 15 percent. Mar 19, · Patreon keeps 5 percent of any membership fees A creator changed her tiers from per month to per creation at the end of the.   Chanhe to patreon rates Both Patreon and SubscribeStar are subscription-based membership sites. SubcribeStar Vs Patreon – Processing Fees And Pricing Sellfy: Offer discounts on your store; Sonix: Convert audio to text; StageIt: Hold virtual. The only way to change the amount a patron pledges is for that patron to Another page had a $5 tier that said $7 CAD above it, the exchange rate for $5 today. Bayonetta cosplay hit or miss Pledges of more than $3 will use the new industry-standard rate of percent, plus 30 cents per successful payment. For all payments from. I've read your FAQ ten times and I'm still not confident I could answer a single question from a patron. Patron side exchange rates are updated.

Chanhe to patreon rates

When a patron has known the creator for less than one year, their willingness to pay starts relatively low, at an average of $ That increases dramatically in the. The structure change was quickly rolled back, but it did teach Patreon about the nature of its relationships with creators and patrons, and how the.  Chanhe to patreon rates Now, it is introducing a new payment processing fee of % plus $ for each transaction for any charge of $5 or more. For smaller amounts. Patreon is a closed platform, which means you can't move your business elsewhere if your requirements change. Ghost is an open and independent platform for.

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  Chanhe to patreon rates  

Chanhe to patreon rates. Adjusted price book rates for multi-currency - Currencies - Patreon Community

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Chanhe to patreon rates

Note that we also apply a 4. Keep in mind that exchange rate fluctuations mean your earnings can go up or down depending on market conditions. There are differences in payment processing fees depending on the currency you choose, and these rates are detailed in this help center article here. This information is also disclosed during the currency change process.

Honestly, creators were never given much of a choice because this feature was rolled out for Patrons regardless. Before I switched currencies, I paid 2.

Why are they not prompted to opt-in to the new price? The EU created this law to ensure fair competition. While I have my fair share of complaints with Patreon, I am grateful that they took this burden off of creators. Patreon claims that they are the seller of record, and that their aggregate sales require them to collect VAT, even if you, personally, do not owe it.

This only serves to reinforce the idea that creators are suppliers to Patreon, and that our patrons are customers of Patreon, not of the creators they support. Everything else Patreon does assumes that phony relationship. Patreon's best move is to help their users create a better overall pricing strategy that is based on willingness to pay and a rewards structure.

This helps the creator be successful, and Patreon gets a cut as well. By helping their users be more successful, Patreon is increasing their revenue and building a community of their own. Subscription60 takes a brief hiatus — so we can come back stronger than ever. For now, your last subscription fix for a bit.

The proliferation of subscription businesses has potentially led consumers to tire of subscriptions. We explore just how bad subscription fatigue is. Welcome to Subscription60 weekly. Here, your highlights. In this episode of Recur Now, a soda subscription, a campfire with content, and a positioning pro.

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Sign up for the Maverick Newsletter. When a patron pays in a different currency than I get paid in, will there be currency conversion costs?

This is a significant change and a potential major increase in fees. In addition, nothing has been stated about which exchange rate will be used, nor what the fees will be. For example, it then costs 4,83 Euro so that existing Patrons still pay the original amount they signed up to?

I think Patreon is not necessarily creating an easy to understand system for patrons and creators here. It would be much easier to have each creator choose the currency they want to set prices at and want to get paid in.

Having all the currencies and options displayed, creators will still loose a lot of money to currency conversion. And I always hoped that this is the one thing Patreon will help international creators finally get rid off! I do see value in there for creators that have patrons from all over the world. But I would assume that there are a lot of creators who only attract people from their country.

And the best way would be to let the creator decide what currencies they want to accept being paid in. The way this seems to be handled reminds me a bit of the way the new few structure was introduced and then scrapped a while back. But the only way to ensure that I can set my prices correctly, is to allow me to require that my patrons pay in my currency which happens to be. So, the perfect solution is:. That seems to solve the problem.

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Thanks for signing up! Check your inbox for a welcome email. Email required. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice and European users agree to the data transfer policy. Loading comments The new system would have penalized this activity and incentivized giving larger payments to fewer creators. The big guys win, the little guys lose.

To fix this, Patreon wants to move to a system that works more like most subscription services — the buyer pays for the first month up front and then again on each monthly anniversary of the initial subscription date. But doing this would cause the payment processing fees paid by creators to shoot up; having patrons pay on their monthly subscription anniversary rather than on the first of the month creates many more individual transactions and therefore many more instances where the payment processor takes a cut.

However, as critics pointed out , and as Patreon themselves seemed to acknowledge in their mea culpa statement, there are other ways to deal with these payment issues than to implement a system that penalizes small pledges so harshly.

It was a remarkable about-face for Patreon — one that showed just how uniquely dependent they are on maintaining the goodwill of the creators and patrons who use their services. People use Patreon for the convenience, and if onerous conditions are put on individual pledges that make small donations prohibitively expensive, creators and their fans can always connect with each other via other means.

Instead, creators and patrons recognized the commonality of their interests and presented a united front against these changes. Lo and behold, it worked. Social media is an effective tool for spreading hate, fear, propaganda, and authoritarianism, so to see it used successfully to bring people together to share information in the cause of fighting an effective upward transfer of wealth was quite inspiring.

When disparate and often desperate people start recognizing their shared interests and the power of solidarity, real change can follow. Thankfully, Patreon was made to see the futility of standing against the very people they depend on for profit. May this be the start of a glorious trend. Apply Now. See Our Review. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser.

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Please read the " User Review and Comment Policy " before posting. OnDeck is one of our top picks for Business Loans! OnDeck is our featured vendor for business loans and lines of credit. Get Started. Get Started With Featured Pick! Donorbox is one of our top picks for Donation Systems!

Donorbox is a versatile, feature-rich, and easy-to-use donation management system that can help you attract more recurring donors. Get started today for free. Helcim is one of our top picks for payment processing! There are many reasons YouTube may demonetize content — a video may touch upon sensitive topics like violence or contain offensive language, such as curse words, and therefore be demonetized.

However, that does not mean that Patreon is a free for all. There certainly are restrictions on what you can post. Doxxing, as well as harmful and illegal activity, is also prohibited. Some people are not allowed to use Patreon, such as politicians and people or organizations with a known dangerous or criminal past such as people who have made threats against others. These restrictions help keep Patreon a safe place. While Patreon does not have black and white guidelines that will automatically disqualify content like YouTube does, giving creators more freedom, there is a line that can not be crossed.

SubscribeStar also has guidelines. However, it does seem that SubscribeStar and SubscribeStar Adult is a bit more liberal than Patreon in what it allows. Certain content creators, including political commentators, have switched from Patreon to SubscribeStar for that reason.

How large is the cut that SubscribeStar and Patreon take from the money you make? When using Patreon, you will have to pay both a portion of your monthly income and a processing fee for every payment made to you. In addition to the payment processing fees, there are the service fees, which depend on your plan. Pricing is as follows:. When calculating how much you can earn, make sure to include both the service fees and the monthly processing fees.

For example, if you are on the Pro plan, that will be Always check the Patreon pricing page for updated pricing information. The great part about SubscribeStar is that on their homepage, they have a calculator you can use to figure out how much you can earn per month, after taking fees into account. Simply select how many subscribers you expect to have and how much you plan to charge per subscription. However, if you are looking for Premium features like a dedicated partner manager and Merch for Memberships, consider Patreon instead if you have over , subscribers on social media.

If you want your patrons and subscribers to stick around, it is important to provide them with quality premium content and work on creating relationships with them. Which site lets you do that better, SubscribeStar or Patreon? Patreon offers several tools to help you build better relationships with your patrons.

The top tool is the Patron Relationship Manager. There, you can see a list of your current patrons and their information, including their current status. In your Patron Relationship Manager, you can send all new patrons a welcome message. You can also select individual patrons or a list of patrons and send them a message. For example, you can select all of your Active patrons who are on your bottom tier and send them a message to encourage them to join your more expensive tier.

Your followers and patrons can also leave comments on your posts, and you can reply to them. All patrons who have an active membership can send you a message using the Patreon Messages system, allowing them to reach out to you with questions, ideas, and feedback. SubscribeStar also makes it easy for your subscribers to message you.