Virt a mate export with morph. .

Virt a mate export with morph

Virt a mate export with morph.

  Virt a mate export with morph Patreon ben x lave

Virt a mate export with morph

  Virt a mate export with morph

  Virt a mate export with morph  

Virt a mate export with morph.

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Virt a mate export with morph




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May 15,  · do the Export to OBJ, reimport with Morph Lader Pro, Rigging, ERC Freeze, Export to DUF and use Virt-A-Mate_Character_Importer_easycars24.pl Tool to create a JSON and DSF and import that to VAM, Bravo wow. I can copy that Folder to SCENES and voila working Hands and Eyeballs. But this looks like crap Standard GENESIS, no look nada. During scene load, the morphs found in this Import folder will be imported in a temporary override fashion and will appear in the morphs tab. When you clear or load a new scene, these morphs will go away. So to use this, normally put your custom morph into the Import/morphs/ area in top VaM folder so you can create the scene or look.  Deviation Actions USG on Support DAZ HD morphs. @meshedvr I've poked around some more with this and I think I may have found a way to render true native displacement maps from the original High Resolution meshes without having to do any other tweaks externally from the source material. In 3DS Max's render to texture settings, there is a setting where you can render to height maps. Oct 01,  · Hi Milo:) The OBJ model format doesn't support multiple morph targets within a single object (OBJ file. The normal way to do it is to export the Base Obj, and each Morph target as obj from your modelling program,. then load those as Morph targets for the base model in Poser or DS, then save that as a figure, prop, hair,easycars24.pl Dec 15,  · Free Morphs Pack. By. ivansx-deviant. Favourites. 16 Comments. vam dazstudio freebie morph virtamate. A collection of free G2F/G3F/G8F morphs collected from various creators and ported over to VaM. A must-have collection for your VaM folder! VAM Morph Set Swapper This set of VAM start files allows you to select between two sets of external morphs (FULL and LITE) during the starting process of VAM. Useful, if you have copyrighted/paid morphs in your morphs folder for personal use, but also want to create looks with free external (not built-in) morphs and share them with the community. 

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Support DAZ HD morphs

Share this resource Twitter Reddit Link. Read more…. Latest reviews DorianD 4. It seems to be promising but whatever I choose in the "Select Mix Region" it's always the complete charcater which is merged or nothing.

I just want to take the head of one charcater and merge it to another one. Is there a simple procedure for that purpose? VRCube 5. Great, can someone tell me how to save the appearance, whenever I save and load the changes are not saved. Great, but written docs would be still greater - when I try to mix 2 looks, copy 8 looks from just one area, paste them into slot in destination person and then load them - whole person 2 changes, not only the area of 8 selected morphs!

PhantasyStarfan 5. So far the best tool to merge qualities in 2 person into one. By ivansx-deviant. Download from Mega: mega.

Image details. Published: Dec 15, Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Teen ellie head morph does not exist in your file how can i get this morph? Hi Nick, First, you're welcome.

Reply 1 like. It's awesome! Is there a place for me to get these models? Hi mate, If you're looking for the Dazstudio sources that were put together, they are a google search away. If you're looking for the 3D software that we use to create pretty shots and animated scenes, kindly refer to my OP: Introduction to Virt-a-Mate. Tools within this set are only shared with its publishing partners i. So far they are in some binary format I have not been able to decipher. Might take some time with a hex editor to figure out.

Seems like many knowledgeable people want to join and accelerate the project. The biggest downside I can see for this is every single HD morph will have to be converted to an individual displacement map. This could get costly in both memory size and ability to mix morphs you could only use 1 HD morph at a time or you would require multiple displacement map slots or some kind of map blending that happens before rendering.

But honestly not sure there is any other way until we get a new Genesis mesh with more vertices. Not sure they ever plan on doing that. Thanks for you efforts here! In 3DS Max's render to texture settings, there is a setting where you can render to height maps. I finally got it to work today and ended up with these:. The natively rendered displacement maps here appear to be far more accurate in terms of preserving the details along with eliminating many seams.

On the version that was converted from the normal maps, you can also see that many bumps along the back of the neck are fixed. There's still tiny seams near the neck and tops of the ears although it's significantly less than how it was before. Please let me know if you want me to try and document this in case it can be investigated further. I'll keep my eye out though. You have to make sure the neighboring materials shoulders, etc.

It is important that the displacment maps line up on the seams as well. I suspect this indirect method of getting displacement maps is going to result in seams no matter what. And yeah that was my fear with the HD morphs. They are essentially displacement maps internally in DAZ Studio, but you can't directly extract that information as DAZ has protected the data with some proprietary encrypted format.

I wonder if the render to normal map method can be changed to render to displacement map? I've been experimenting with a DX11 orientated tesellation shader within Unity3D and thought I'd try out converting one of the normal maps to a Displacement Map via Crazy Bump:. Results so far look really promising and look significantly closer to how Daz Studio renders a mesh with the HD Morph and subdivides. If there's a way to generate "Native" Displacement Maps from the HD Mesh's then I'm convinced that it'll fix the seam issues and generate a much more accurate rendition of the HD mesh in Displacement Map form.

Search resources. Log in. Promotional Link field now provided for resources to allow Hub upload and external link at same time. Please see this link for more info. Important security patch for VaM released new version 1. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Plugins Morph Mass Manager v11 Download. Overview Updates 10 Reviews 12 History Discussion. You can paste the morphs into the notepad.

Join the discussion. If you have altered the size for use in your 3D tool, then click the apopriate size change in the "from" section, or your morph will grow your figure to a giant or shrink it to a dwarf. The importer tries to find similarities between the OBJ model and the DAZ figure which already has an rigged skeleton: The better it fits to the standard the better result you will get.

Therefore: Better do some seperate morphs instead of an all-in-one body morph. Find and dial in your imported morph. Does it look OK?

No popping eyes? Has the Morph Importer did a good job? Move the arms a bit to see if it needs to be rigged.

It is good if you don't have to re-rig the skeleton, because otherwhise it might be flagged as "bone morph" in VaM and the figure might do a little "hickup" if you dial in your morph not good for animations.

Use the Joint Editor tool to see if the skeleton fits. Most critical part is the tongue from my experience. If it doesn't fit, or if you are completely unsure, do a "Adjust Rigging to Shape". Click to adjust the bone orientation only if neccessary. Is the skeleton fitting now? If not, then move around the joints and bones to make them fit. This is not as trivial as it sounds! Otherwhise you can try to save your morph but everything is lost as soon as you re-load the DAZ session.

Save the morph from within DAZ as morph asset. Cause English isn't my native language and I had to look at DAZ for some names, this little writing took about an hour, lol. If it was of any use, maybe you want to click "like" and I am happy. By the way, if someone wants to learn something about DAZ morph import etc. The DAZ community is 10 times bigger and older and there are tons of stuff. Last edited: May 6, Hi thx so much for your time offering the workflow you are doing.

I will sure try that out Isnt a Rigging to Shape a Must workflow? I mean so far i always followed some Guides i found and they always do it. Actually do you mean to move the Hands in DAZ a bit? So far i never moved any Arm or Body Parts in DAZ, it is all Static for me currently, but it sounds interesting to check things of course.

You wrote " So far since this week the Test Morphs turn out good. Everythings moving correct regarding bones. Eyes are good , but didnt check the tongue to be honest. I will sure check tongue also then Regarding the separate Morph workflow you recommended. Above you wrote something i actually would like to know of a bit more " only load and export the attached female or male genital meshes yes, the male genitals are seperate objects, too to edit them. I still feel kinda confused that you and others told me my Genital Plugins have zero effect importing them to VAM which is really funny But if you say i can export the mesh and use it then calms me down again, since i though what a waste of time and money i invested buying like 10 Genital and Butt and Breast Morph Plugins if i cannot use them.

So i can export that as a own Mesh you wrote. If you find some time again doesn't needs to be now id be very thankful if you can give me a Link or a hint how to Export the Mesh and Combine it again. I think female Genitals are way easier to work with than Male since its so much more to care of aesthetics with Male Genitals.

The Male has to be solved too since i sure also want to create some Male Models in my Workflow to use them for example Scenes. But honestly i am happy. This week was great i learned so much more with Help from you nice people here. It tries to find similarities between the full rigged Genesis 2 figure and the figure you are trying to import.

More or less it morphs the Genesis 2 figure to fit the custom shape. Because the base figure is rigged, the resulting morphed figure is rigged, too. You only need to adjust the rigging, if the custom shape differs too much from the original shape.

No need to re-rig, if you do a nose-morph, for instance. Surely you have seen those symbols at the upper right edge of some morph entrys. If you hoover your pointer over it, it will say something like "includes bone morphs, not suitable for animations This happens, if a morph not only alters the outer shape, but also the lenght or position of some bones and joints.

The figure will shake slightly if you dial in one of those morphs. No big issue, but IMHO you should avoid that if it is not neccessary. I said that it would be better to do some single morphs, than to do one big full body morphs, because this has some advantages.

If you do a separate morph for elf ears, for instance, one for a sharp nose and one for big boobs, you can combine them afterwards to a big boobed, sharp nosed elf, if that was your goal If you do a single morph for a big boobed sharp nosed elf, you can throw it away, if you don't like it anymore But that strongly depends on what you are planning to do: Doing a complete anime head is more simple than doing multiple seperate morphs that leads to a anime head, for instance.

If you want to do genital morphs, you have to do the changes on those separate meshes in a similar way you would create body or head morphs.

So VaM uses other female genitals than the very bad standard Genesis 2 genital mesh, unfortunately you purchased morphs will not work if they are for the standard female genitals. If you buy morphs suitable for those somewhat famous "New Genitalia", then they will be working in VaM, too. Many of them are already build-in morphs included in VaM. I'll know more once I dig into it based on info provided by usg I have made some custom ones this way.

The thing I have not been able to do, however, is extract HD information. DAZ purposely tried to protect this data from export but it looks like there might be some workarounds to it. One thing I would like to mention. Back in my Poser days with Daz's Victoria 4 we used to make custom morphs for her by following this process :. I will check it out when I get to this item! It will be incredible if we can get HD morphs working as it will add a lot of detail that is currently not possible veins, muscle rips, etc.

The only thing I had to do when testing this with Genesis 3 models was I had to do some stuff by moving the UVs onto a checkerboard pattern in 3DS Max literally takes no more than 20 seconds. Failure to do this causes 3DS Max to render to the first UV which is where the Head UV would be regardless of what body geometry is in 3DS Max With the Genesis 2 model, each pair of body parts legs, arms, torso, head had to be imported separately so each set of body parts can be rendered to their own corresponding UV without interfering with one another.

I can write this up in depth with screenshots if required as it took me several hours to figure out and quite frankly wasn't the most straight forward thing in the world as I'd previously had no experience with doing it before :P. I've done more testing and have successfully generated Ambient Occlusion maps with this same technique Tested with Rhinold :.

The AO really makes a big difference around the eyes, nostrils, armour folds and really gives the model extra depth when used in a PBR environment with Light Probes. The artifacts on the torso map where it suddenly changes to white was where the geometry overlapped on the thighs easy to fix by opening legs up a bit I'm gonna do some more testing with the Reptilian and Minotaur and I'll post up some results as those as those models have much needed detail that's provided by the HD Morphs.

I would still use the base model, but I'm actually using tessellation shaders in a lot of areas on these meshes to boost from vertices to something much higher x in some regions. This can actually be dialed up quite easily to entire body and scales well with new GPUs. Normals maps can be a fallback setting for those with lower-end GPUs.

Thanks a ton for any info!!!!! Your hint of just exporting as OBJ with HD morph applied seems like it might get me started in right direction! Haven't done much of that so might take me some time to figure out.

Apologies in advance for the big wall of text. If you'd like me to write up a process for doing this if you wish to investigate the feasibility of converting HD morphs to Normal Maps to preserve the detail of HD morphs, please let me know. Although this doesn't provide the extra geometry that the HD morph would normally apply, I believe that this would be a more efficient way of rendering the HD morphs as the HD Morph in Daz Studio only applies after the model has subdivided.

The Genesis 3 model I've used in the example exports the base geometry at 16, triangles. After the model has subdivded with the HD morph applied, the triangle count shoots up to triangles.

Copy from reddit. Easy Mate Mega folder for VaM Virt a mate export with morph. Easy Mate is 7 GB uncompressed. Due to Mega's bandwidth limits, users with free Mega accounts may need to wait for a few hours in the middle of the download for their data transfer allowance to renew. Please help by uploading a copy of Easy Mate to a server or Google Drive folder, or other file sharing service, then post a link below to make it easier to download Easy Mate.

I want Easy Mate to support all of the people whose free work has been assembled and organized from the reddit pages, and Easy Mate is filled with credits, including listings of all the Patreon pages of creators who generated free work that is included in Easy Mate. If you are a creator of one of the works assembled into Easy Mate and want more credit in any way, just let me know how Easy Mate can support your continued developments in VaM. Why Was Easy Mate Created?

VaM is much better then other VR sexual environments but it has a very steep learning Virt a mate export with morph. New users can't jump right in and have an awesome experience with VaM. This is made even more complex by trying to integrate community content that may not work in the latest version of Virt a mate export with morph, or may have bugs or other inconveniences such as the scene starting location being in the middle of a wall, having audio files that don't play, scripts that are broken, etc.

In addition Look scenes named Person scenes in Easy Mate are very confusing to new users. Easy Mate exports the included Person scenes also as appearances, and includes in-game tutorials where you follow along to learn how to use VaM, from basic use, to simple but effective scene building and more.

Improved Plugins E-Motion upgraded fixed folder structures and sound volumes adjusted to be audible less quiet and more realistic. Added sound triggers deep vag for sex, so that having sex when aroused generates appropriate sounds. Created an additional E-Motion version that can be added for scenes where you are already having sex, so no warmup is needed additional version instead of preset used to make it easier to add to scenes without opening Custom UI.

Changed SexHelper so it must be placed on a female Person. You can select a male Person, but it also tries to autodetect one, so most often it is not required to select Person atoms. Do you spend a lot of time dragging the world after loading each scene, loading sub-scenes in a multi-scene story, or if you move to a different part of your room? Click it any time to recenter the world around you. This plugin, combined with the fact that the scenes in Easy Mate that had seemingly random starting camera locations have been fixed, means you generally just start in the right place and don't need to teleport or drag the world much.

VaM allows you to easily possess the head and hands, but is that all we want to control in VaM? PossessSex let's you easily grab, link, or possess the pelvis of a woman, or the penis tip of a man.

Possess the woman's pelvis, then move your controller up and down and she bounces up and down on you, or possess the man's penis, put your controller on one hip, and your thrusting controls your VR character's thrusting.

Press Unlink when finished without having to open complex menus. PossesSex stiffens the penis and links it to the hips of the man. For the woman, the pelvis and hips are linked.

Without these links if you just go and possess as usual in VaM people would not move in sync with your real world hand or hip motions; PossessSex fixes this. How Were the Assets Chosen? Only models appearing 18 years or older were included. There are some male model scenes, and of Virt a mate export with morph you can possess the woman in most scenes, but Easy Mate definitely has a strong bias towards the user being a hetero male.

Some BDSM was included, but on the gentle side. Easy Virt a mate export with morph will evolve over time, if you have content that you like, or made, and would like to see it get into Easy Mate, please comment below or send a private message. Also, if you are a major contributor and want a custom version of Easy Mate designed for your patreons, let me know this would be a file set you host, that includes an Easy Mate menu, Main Menu buttons, and all your content, that you could distribute to your Patreon users.

New to Virt-a-Mate? Check out this 7GB package Nov 25, 6 min read. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By ivansx-deviant. See More by ivansx-deviant.

Ask me for freebies. Feb 19, I just came across another site with 16 magnificent Daz3d freebies. Clothing of course but also props, textures for cloths, BHV poses.

I now have four A4 pages full of links to freebies Hence this post. Put a comment on this page and I will do my best to direct you to corresponding freebies I found. My only ask is you release them to VaM community for free. Reminders: - Genesis 1 and Genesis 3 clothing can be fitted to Genesis 2 with Daz3d built-in feature. Select the cloth, click Scene info. When that's around VaM. Feb 11, Easy Mate III makes it easy to get started with Virt-a-Mate, as it organizes huge amounts of community content into a easy menu system with tutorials.

Jan 9, Very detailed video aimed at new and recent Virt-a-mate users and based on the latest version at the time of this journal entry. What are the possibilities?

What are the differences? Includes troubleshooting How to download, install and use hair styles? Includes scene types How to download, install and use looks? Includes troubleshooting How to add another person Virt a mate export with morph change gender? Easy Mate 1. Jan 1, Published: Nov 25, Comments 0. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In.

VaM is much better then other VR sexual environments but it has a very steep learning curve. I still feel kinda confused that you and others told me my Genital Plugins have zero effect importing them to VAM which is really funny But if you say i can export the mesh and use it then calms me down again, since i though what a waste of time and money i invested buying like 10 Genital and Butt and Breast Morph Plugins if i cannot use them. Add to Favourites. Seems there might be some ways around it though by exporting in a different format. I tried that Virt a mate export with morph and it always failed since no gen 2 Model has been loaded. I'm enjoying your excellent works!