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Nothing made sense: he had stopped taking steroids weeks ago. The water he drank was just plain fucking water. And yet here he stood in front of the mirror, watching himself grow even bigger without doing anything. It was only then that he realized he had to duck to see his whole body in the mirror. He looked around to see his body in comparison to the room and his stomach twisted as he realized that he was already at least seven feet tall, maybe more.

It seemed like the only way out was forward. He had trouble fitting his package back inside his gym pants. It had grown even more and was now so tight in his clothes that the base of his fat cock would soon be fully on display.

He tried covering his obscene nipples, but they immediately sprang out of his top again, glistening in the weak light. He muscled on the first, already sweat-soaked hoodie, and Pascal could hear it ripping under his arms. He raised his unbelievably heavy arm and stared at the huge hole that now exposed his hairy armpit. His nipples were still clearly visible, his pecs so overblown that cleavage had formed between them. He put the second hoodie on over the first, but it only made it more obvious how much he had changed.

The new hoodie was already close to tearing around his round, bulging muscle gut, which fully exposed his belly button and his lower back, not to mention his stunning ass, now forcing its way out of his gym pants. He paid them no attention. He loaded up a bar, lay on a bench, and started to bench press more than he ever had before. As he pressed the weights up and down and up again, he kept his gaze focused on his pecs. And on the top of them, packed and compressed, lay his nipples.

Ten reps later they were even bigger, now definitely pressing against his chin. He stopped, breathed in and out, and covered his eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of his biceps pressing against his own monstrous pecs. For a moment he just lay there on the bench—it seemed like there was nothing left to do but accept what was happening to him.

Pascal took another deep breath, making his pecs grow even bigger, and the outer hoodie ripped, right down the cleavage. The remains of the tank top looked ridiculous, barely covering anything of his upper body. He looked in the mirror, and against all odds, Pascal started to laugh. More and more people started watching him as he continued to work out in spite of himself.

Look at him! He was sitting in the seat of a butterfly machine, starting the next phase of his chest workout. Pascal grabbed both handles, arms high, and tried pressing them together in front of him, but his pecs were so monstrously big that it was just impossible.

He tried harder and harder, his face turning red, pressing the air out of his lungs as though it were his last breath. Pascal screamed after 20 reps and stood up, sweat dripping to the ground, his pecs now seriously pressing against his chin. He flexed them a few times, making his body shake because his chest was such a big part of it now.

He grabbed his exposed nipples like dicks and started to jerk them. Most of the people had left the gym by now, unable to handle what was happening to this freaky stranger. The biggest you have, little fella! A few minutes later he was back with a thick four-liter shake. The employee was hypnotized—this man was the god of his late-night dreams. The muscle monster had bigger nipples than his own long, hard cock. He started jerking and sucking them and Pascal cried out in joy, dripping some of the shake over his chest and belly.

His whole body trembled, sweat dripping and breath shuddering. Something was building inside his pecs, and they were ballooning at a speed and pressure Pascal had never seen before. At the same time, he could feel his dick was finally free, and hard as a rock. It grew to its new maximum until it was pressing against the underside of his still-inflating chest.

The shake had worked wonders. Pascal fell to the ground, his frame so massive that he was unable to stand anymore. When Ben finished his business, I came at the same time, my cock pushed past the point of no return by the layers of skin grinding heavily against my veiny cock. A few days after that, I had to leave for two weeks for a national bodybuilding tournament. I was finally confident enough in my body to present it to the world. In preparation, I bought tons of food for Ben and left him the numbers of the pizza joints in the area.

He walked me to the door and I squeezed his marshmallow- like body goodbye. Fourteen days later, when I turned the key in the apartment door, my other hand held the golden trophy I had won along with my bag.

I was welcomed by a strange sight: hundreds of pizza boxes stacked in towers reaching from floor to ceiling. I tried to navigate around them, but I had become too wide and massive not to crush every tower by just moving through the apartment. Everywhere I looked were empty packages of food and shake supplement boxes. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. You home? His waddling steps, much louder than before, and his heaving breath as he eased himself toward our bedroom door.

His belly appeared first in the door frame, dipping so low it was almost touching the ground. Then his hands came into view, and I realized he was struggling to press himself through the door.

It was hopeless: the frame was way too small for what he had become. The wood cracked, and a moment later it splintered under the pressure and he could finally leave the room. He had been pounds, but he looked much more like 1, pounds now. His neck was completely gone. He looked even taller than me now, too, but that was just an optical illusion created by the layers of fat. I felt my cock swelling, and the seams of my jeans straining under the pressure. I was constantly pumping myself with new proteins, new fitness bars, anabolic steroids, and chemical cocktails.

My weight was now around pounds, and my cock was probably 22 pounds of it. Ben, meanwhile, was sweating just standing there in the broken door frame. How could he still walk? He brought me to the bed and we had the most freakish sex you could ever imagine. We had both become so enormously huge that while I was fucking the shit out of him we were barely recognizable as anything except two mountains of skin, muscle and fat, shaking and humping each other for hours and hours until the whole floor was covered in our cum and sweat.

I woke up that night to Ben sucking on my cock again like a true freak. Even though my glans had grown to epic proportions, it still perfectly in his mouth with room to spare. From time to time, his massive wet tongue even emerged to caress my balls as he blew my cock. I smiled because he looked like the biggest baby doing it.

Soon it seemed like his weight was ascending to new highs, while I was finally reaching my muscle mass limit. His eating habits were becoming even stranger with time—I noticed he was even eating some of the packages of the food. They practically made me leave. I had to knead and rub his always-stuffed belly, which by now had grown to cosmic proportions.

When Ben was seriously stuffed, his gut was bulged outward several feet, still not touching the ground. I used all of my muscle power and the whole length of my arms to caress this monstrosity: every layers of fat, every square foot of hairy, continuously stretching skin. At night I often heard him sleep eating and one time he even got stuck in the door to our room because he was on his way to the fridge after midnight.

I had trouble bringing him back to bed: there was a surprising amount of muscle power still hidden under all those thick layers of fat. He was muttering in his sleep about how hungry he was, something about never having felt so empty before.

It was like watching someone having a nightmare. I caressed his round face with my big hands and whispered to him gently. He became a bit calmer, even starting to kiss me. Soon, he was rolling on top of me, our lips sealed, and my cock already half-hard between us. Ben had always Ben a fantastic kisser, but the French kiss I received now was beyond belief.

At first, I thought he was joking, but when I realized my head was entirely inside his mouth, I started to panic. Seconds later, I could feel his hands on my muscular ass, pushing me into him, and though I tried my best to escape, the battle was already lost.

Everything went dark, and soon I had disappeared, totally lost inside his cave-like belly. I kicked and punched the inside of his gut but soon my movements became slower until they stopped. He had never felt so big, so swollen and bulging before, and he just kept rubbing his gigantic gut until his sleep became peaceful again.

The next day when Ben got up, he wondered where I was. He tried pushing himself out of the door of his room and found once again that he was too big for it—the wall nearly collapsed when he finally made it out. Ben gulped down everything he could find, but his increasing hunger made it difficult for him to feel anything like fullness.

This continued for weeks, and soon became the case of the lost pizza boys. About a month after that, everyone in the neighborhood stopped what they were doing and stared in shock at the house that was spontaneously collapsing before their eyes.

Some people screamed, while others ducked and ran away. It sounded something had exploded, but nobody could see fire or smoke. Fuck, my posers ripped…lock at that cock. It's disappearing from my view; swelling bigger…Coach, please. I can only think about growing…no, stop touching my melon-sized hyper pecs.

Mhhh, so big. Please stop. I'm big enou… twitter. No one here will be bigger than me! You've won! Come on?! I mean look at the packages of the others! My balls… twitter. You proved your point, and I believe you now!

Yes, you can make everyone grow, even… twitter. They don't call me Butter Ball for nothing. Look at this cook of mine! It's just so heavy! Your cock is officially huge when you cannot wear every kind of pants while sporting a semi.

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Alakazam — Caleb Growths! 💪 More on

Ten minutes later, we were at the table and Ben was loading way too much onto my plate. Where does all that food go? You ate more than half of the fish and a whole bowl of oven-baked potatoes with cream and baked beans—plus the bottle of soda. We should do this more often now. Do you want the rest? The fat of the fish was dripping down from the sides of his mouth onto his shirt. Another burp followed. My body was sore everywhere, and it felt like a car had just run me over.

My belly was so full that I could feel myself drifting off to sleep…until I heard Ben walking into the kitchen again. I stood up—I had to take my contacts out anyway—and so I found Ben sitting in the kitchen again with a box of chocolate chip ice cream in front of him.

When he saw me he looked guilty and stopped licking the spoon, but there was still a voracious grin on his face. We just ate, remember? Trying to gain some serious weight here. I was starting to get kind of toned, and I had clearly added more than a pound to my frame. Maybe it was the lifting, or maybe because Ben was cooking like a true chef now. There was a little menu nearly every night, and he was getting better with every passing day.

I felt okay eating more since my new workout regimen burned a lot of calories, but Ben was eating everything as though it were a contest. He was gaining weight, too, but not in the same way as me—his once-athletic body was more and more of a memory every day. He was already well beyond the freshman look. Now, after two weeks, he looked a bit rounder everywhere, and his belly was always bulging in his once perfectly-tailored shirts.

But he still looked good—honestly, maybe he was even a bit sexier now, just with a slightly higher body fat percentage. I watched him looking at himself in the mirror one morning and actually caught him giving his little belly an affectionate pat. I was on my way home when I saw Ben through the window of the burger joint a block away from our apartment. I went in and found him surrounded by a pile of wrappers. What are you doing here? More like a few hundred bites.

Shit, Ben. Nobody can eat that much in one sitting. My body burns so many calories per day. This is just a little cheat day for me.

His belly was actually pressing against the edge of the table in front of him. His belly button was showing, and even the outline of his pecs looked round and fluffy.

His arms still looked massive, but they were nowhere near as toned as before. I smiled. It was true that his arms looked even bigger now with the few extra pounds of fat. As he flexed, his right sleeve actually tore open a few inches, and Ben gazed at it with a broad smile.

Maybe you want something too? This body needs some fuel to grow beyond big! People are already starting to stare at you. But maybe you should slow down a little with the bulking. Your midsection is getting seriously bloated. A little gut is perfectly normal! I practically had to carry him home. His gut looked dangerously swollen, and even his belly button was bulging out. At home, I dropped him into his bed, and as he turned over, moaning, I could actually hear all the food and soda in his stomach sloshing around.

The same night I woke up at 3 am. Someone was looting our fridge again. When I opened it the next day, it was practically empty. Even the butter was gone. A month after that, I wanted to order some food, but Ben was in the shower. After waiting and waiting with no sign of him finishing, I knocked, and he told me to come in. The moment I entered, he emerged from the shower, and I realized for the first time how fat he had become in the last four weeks. His pecs were sagging and massive, with huge areolas, looking very kneadable.

His belly had grown down to conceal his package and he could rest it in a sink—this is how fat he has become. You know that, right? Come on, step on the scale. He just studied his massive frame in the mirror with a satisfied grin. He swung his swollen body back and forth right in front of me, and as we got changed he was eating a protein bar. An hour later I was sweating and panting and red all over. I was hungry after I warmed up. As he slurped the last drops of his shake, I got an idea.

He would certainly change his ways if he could see how gross his habits were. I went to the bar and ordered the biggest, fattiest and most protein-filled shake they had. I went back to Ben and told him to drink the shake to prove to me that he was fine with who he had become. That he really was this hungry. He just smiled and started chugging thirstily, as if it were his first meal in two months instead of two minutes.

I could practically see his gut bulging outward as he drank more and more of the thick shake. THIS is what you want? I started to caress his trembling belly as he drank on and on and on. Was he even breathing? His belly felt so soft and squishy between my strong hands. His belly button had become a hole that could contain two of my fingers. I jiggled his love handles and he just drank faster.

Shit, he loved that. That night I broke pounds by gaining over 70 pounds. I grabbed my newly enlarged belly which was hanging in front of me quite prominent now and lifted it. What had been easy seconds ago was hard work now. Yes, his hair grew out around six inches like ours, he suddenly had quite the beard, the hair almost pitch-black. He also grew an inch in height to 5 foot But the real show was happening … in his pants. Pauly and I looked down when Zach started to realize what was happening to him.

Zach tried to hide it with his hands by holding his package, but soon it was too big for that. In the end, his zipper was being pushed open from within, and some of his underwear became visible. He was so speechless that he forgot about us and just pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. An eight-inch soft cock flopped out and smacked his thighs hard.

Over the course of the next twelve months Pauly trained like a maniac, ate like a maniac and injected stuff like a maniac. Our little bathroom was filled with pills, syringes, and little glass bottles scripted with complicated names I would never remember.

Except for you, Andrew. If you continue pigging out like this every night, you blow up bigger than anyone else in the state. No matter at what time they visited me in my little room, I was always eating; stuffing my face with double-cream-and-cheese subs, drinking some boosters and belching within bites. While eating, I loved to grab my newly grown love handles, feel the fat rolls roll between my thickening fingers, my belly being so much heavier than just a few days before.

It was amazing to see my new weight filling out my old wardrobe. Everything had had become too small for my over pounds body, and it took me some days to buy some new stuff to wear. Until then I was constantly running around with three inches of my belly hanging out of my shirt—not that this was a scandalous thing; people gained a lot of weight all the time and not everyone had the right clothing to cover it up.

But for me it was slightly different because I enjoyed my new heft more than anyone else. Half a year after our last changeday, I asked Pauly if he could help me with gaining weight. He was on so much stuff that even he did not know what would happen to his body soon. You might wanna join me then, but let me warn you: You will put on a lot more weight than last year, if you follow my plan.

While he said this, my cock was already hard and pressing against the underside of my fat belly. He started preparing shakes for me soon enough and I drank them all as fast as I could no matter how thick and disgusting they were. And, yes, even though they tasted like shit, I moaned continuously while drinking them because in my head I could almost feel the pounds being added to my body.

Of course nothing was happening at these nights. That would come later. Our third guy, Zach, was different too after our last Change Day experience.

While sitting there on his bed, watching something on youtube, he was pulling and wanking his cock that was hanging out of his sweats; as if this was the most normal thing on the planet. While eating at the other side of our dorm room, I had a good look at him and his thick prick, and I always wondered if he caught fire too. Like Pauly and me. I soon found an answer to this question. I entered our little temple of growth our dorm room when Zach had his cock—top to bottom—inside a cock pump.

It looked swollen and red and even bigger than usual. Days after that, he started taking stuff to grow his junk. At least that was my guess, because suddenly there were even more pills, lotions and other weird stuff laying around in our little bathroom. Our appartement was growing into a little lab. The next Changeday came and I stuffed myself until I almost passed out.

Pauly came back from his last gym session for this year, sweating like a true muscle pig, and he stuffed me with even more food—at the end I could hardly breath. I guess he learned to love feeding me in the months prior to our last Change Day we would celebrate together here in college. Before it all happened, I knew this would become a legendary night. We did almost nothing else than eating, lifting and pumping all year long. Our grades were going down month by month, but we did not care at all.

Our focus was laying somewhere else and we were fine with that. Zach was waiting for the transformation to start, sitting only in his tight boxer briefs on our couch. Pauly took one last protein shake and leaned against our table, while I was busy snacking some little things here and there.

I tell you as it is. If your cock grows any bigger today, I want you to fuck me. Pauly had to laugh. I think I really need that big cock of yours. I was the first and the other guys turned their heads to me as I started to groan while I continued stuffing my already full mouth. The expansion felt even better than I could remember!

In three spurts, my shirt climbed up my engorging belly, while stretch marks appeared on the thinning surface of my swelling gut. In no time, my cannonball gut was pressing against the table in front of me, pressing it further away every second. It was pressing away Pauly, who was leaning against it, too! He was smiling, amazed by the sight in front of him. Every piece of clothing on my body was ripping all at once. In no time, I was sitting naked at our table, still growing fatter and I did not stop eating.

The thought of these little bites expanding me like this? Super hot! I had outdone myself this year for sure. More and more of my belly sacked onto my thickening thighs, my moobs swelled larger, arms, thighs and back following, roll after roll expanding with heft. While sitting, it felt like the cushion under my ass was become grander, but of course it was just my two globes expanding accordingly.

I took a deep breath and pushed the massive table away like it was nothing. Finally free, I spread my legs and my fat cannonball gut dropped a little deeper. I had a strong set of hairy man boobs, thick and swollen, laying on top of my fat gut, bigger nipples and areolas and so on and so forth. I tried standing up when the transformation was completed. It was hard work. I was out of breath immediately.

Zach brought me the scale we had in our bathroom and I stepped onto it. Looks like my diet has helped you a lot. I feel amazing. And look how bloated I am from eating all day!

Fuck, I will look like I wolfed down a whole buffet all year long now. In one year alone—and with the help of Pauly—I had gained pounds. I would have been happy with but ! I took a few now more audible steps through our room and felt my body with every single one of them.

Both Zach and Pauly grabbed my handles when I passed them. I think they are enjoying my new size too. Is it starting, or are you just happy to me moving my new size around?

More massive than we were used to. He was excited for sure, but you could only see it if you knew him as long as we did.

A man of size? He put his hands on top of his hips and looked down as we all did. The pear-shaped bulge in his boxer brief started to swell and sack deeper. His former eight-incher was growing rapidly, and we all knew it would be a bigger step in size than last year. The door of the locker room swung open and Pascal entered the scene with a distracted look on his face and sweat dripping from his nose and chin.

He glanced through the rows of lockers and his mood lifted as he realized that he was the only one there. Finding the most private corner of the locker room, he threw his gym bag on the floor and paused for a second to listen—but no, there was only silence between the rows of lockers. He was still panting, even though the stairs were far behind him now. Pascal looked at the full-length mirror on the wall and wondered what was going on.

His face was red and glistening with sweat. His thick eyebrows rose a little when he saw his intimidating build in the mirror. He touched his pecs and released them. He tried cutting his calorie intake, lifting harder, doing more cardio—but none of it was working. The contest was only 8 weeks away, and it would be pretty hard to get his shredded body back in that short time.

And then there was…this other thing. Pascal doffed his first hoodie and the problem immediately became visible. Again, he looked around nervously, but no one was watching. There were two shadows visible on his chest in the weak light of the locker room. He looked down and touched his round, newly-enlarged pecs again.

He had first discovered them this morning in the bathroom of his cramped apartment. He read about something like that as a result of steroid abuse. Something complicated about the rise of estrogen in the male body as a reaction to the higher testosterone level, resulting in a man ending up with boob-shaped breasts.

Pascal pulled off his second hoodie, leaving only his t-shirt. His pecs, luckily, were still muscular and definitely looked masculine, even though he had to admit that they had become rounder.

Much rounder, now that he looked at them in detail. His engorged nipples were alarmingly prominent now, like two thimbles hidden under the dark blue cotton fabric of his shirt. He pulled that off too and stared in awe. Pascal had never seen pecs that huge in real life. He let them jump a few times and felt how heavy and wide they were. He could actually hear the contraction of the muscle fibers under the skin. Pascal had gently caressed his right pec, and the moment he touched his nipple it happened again.

It was hard work peeling the skinny jeans from his swollen thighs, but after three tries he got them off. He left the locker room, water bottle in one hand, towel in the other, waddling slightly because of his massive thighs. Pascal tried to act confident, but it was hard not to feel like everyone was staring at his magnificent chest and his puffy nipples.

He liked to row as a warm-up, but when he got into the seat of the machine, everything felt tight and not built for his size. There was barely room for his ass, his thighs were crammed against each other, and his bulge pressed outward by all that muscle mass looked even bigger than before.

He grabbed the handle and started to row. Confidence surged through him, and his doubts about his appearance and his bodybuilding career were suddenly blown away. He rowed harder, his breath becoming shorter and his grunts louder. Sweat was dripping onto his muscle gut and his swollen thighs. His puffing and blowing became louder with every pull, and Pascal could feel his triceps, back, and chest swelling in pleasurable pain.

Especially his chest felt sore and flaming hot. He looked down and saw in horror that it had grown bigger, and that both of his nipples had not only grown but worked their way out of his tank top and were now visible to the world. He lost his grip on the bar and the weights smashed back to the ground. He jumped up and tried to fold his arms to hide his enormous chest, but he had trouble. His once-loose tank top seemed to have shrunk and now looked even more painted on than his gym pants.

Pascal waddled back to the locker room and stared into the mirror with shock. He pulled his top down and exposed his now inch-long dark nipples. What was going on here? The muscle is warm and full of blood. Pascal filled his water bottle and drank it in a rush.

Then he filled it again and waddled to the room where the real bodybuilding action happened, full of sweating men working hard on their dream bodies. Pascal could feel the water churning in his stomach as he started to lift. The tightness of his hoodie felt quite good at the beginning, but the more he lifted, the more worried Pascal became about it. He glanced in the mirror now and then, but he was nervous about what he was seeing there.

His gut looked bloated as hell under the fabric. His pecs were even bigger now, and soon they would touch his chin without his having to look down. Just the lighting in here! But none of these thoughts were visible outside of his mind. He just kept his cool and pulled his hoodie back down over his growing gut. It was exposed again in a matter of seconds.

Pascal thought long and hard about whether or not he should train his chest. And he had to activate the muscle there to burn some fat.

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Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to receive subscription payments for the work that they do. It's a way of connecting individuals and small businesses with paying audiences, from news websites and YouTube channels through to activists and educators. At the same time, the site has also enabled a variety of creators in the adult space to earn cash for the erotic material they've made.

But a new change to the site's conduct policiespublished October 17th, threatens to shut down many of those performers who rely upon the site for revenue. Patreon has always been against pornography, but the site's previous content policy covered the matter in very broad-brush terms. Creators were asked to flag their content as not safe for work, but otherwise there was a wide latitude as to the material published. Patreon's corporate position was that the company recognized the need for art to depict "nudity and sexual expression.

The distinction it drew, at the time, was that it was happy to turn a blind eye to the sort of content you'd find in an R-rated movie, but not Alakazam198 patreon. Otherwise, it would only go after otherwise-illegal material, such as depictions of incest, bestiality, Alakazam198 patreon and the Alakazam198 patreon. Of course, it's very hard Alakazam198 patreon determine what is pornography and what is artistic, and the goalposts are shifting on a near-daily basis.

But the gray area that Alakazam198 patreon company previously allowed has now been erased with a far more proscriptive policy. Users Alakazam198 patreon now prohibited from selling Alakazam198 patreon material," as a reward for their patrons. In addition, they cannot use cash from the site to "produce pornographic material, such as maintaining a website, funding [ It's not just webcams, as some offer access to, for instance, a private Snapchat account that may do a similar job.

It's not clear how many performers are affected by the change, but it's likely that we'll be seeing the effects of the crackdown in the near future. Patreon's legal head Colin Sullivan explained the difficulties of creating a policy that empowers creators without harming the site's "ability to be a home for all creators. Alakazam198 patreon also detailed, that rather than simply erasing offending profiles, Patreon's Trust and Safety team will work with creators to moderate their content.

There will also be an appeals process, and users will have personal guidance from a Patreon employee Alakazam198 patreon help them get their page reinstated.

What's not clear is why this crackdown has also blocked apparently legitimate activity like webcam sessions and subscription websites that do not include illegal content.

We've reached out to Patreon to try and understand the broader meaning of the rule change and to clarify its position. For now, it appears as if the site has joined the network of online businesses that specifically exclude sex workers from their payments platform. Update: A Patreon spokesperson has clarified that its stance hasn't changed, just the way it articulates the policy around pornography and other adult content. Which is to say that producers of pornography and sex workers more generally have always been "operating outside of the Community Guidelines.

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I stood up—I had to take my contacts out anyway—and so I found Ben sitting in the kitchen again with Alakazam198 patreon box of chocolate chip ice cream in front of him. There were two shadows visible on his chest in the weak light of the locker room. I was on my way home when I saw Alakazam198 patreon through the window of the burger joint a block away from our apartment. More Bulge Morphs on… twitter. After his next deep breath, his boxer briefs ripped open at the lower half of his pouch, and his newly grown package flopped out.